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  1. Cutting Out Problems Focus

    Well av got a focus mk2 1.6 and mines was cutting out when coming to stop at lights or a roundabout it would cut out the garage said it was some valve egr Valve but I'm not sure they could be in me bull but it's sort of worked its still happened once but the idle was ruff too when starting from cold dunno if this helps but hope it does :D LH
  2. 1.6 Zetec Noisy When Cold

    I had this same problem on same car and seemingly the garage replaced some valve someone talked about an EGR valve but am not a mechanic and am in the same boat as you as its still sort of doing it, it is better but still hates the cold Ahh LH
  3. Gears Stuck Whilst Driving Couldn't Change Gear

    Sorry for spelling and mistakes this iphone is a nightmare full stops all the time LH
  4. I had to drive home about a mile or more in second gear and if I had to stop I would have stalled as the clutch wasn't any good either anyway got home the nice guy at the garage com and gave me a loan car anyway he said it was the gear linkage cable that had broke and he has reached it bearing mind I only bought it two weeks ago the first week it was cutting out, new valves or valve the. This I' e been i. The loan car more than I have my own oh also the doors wouldn't close right they fixed the passenger door said they had ordered latches from ford but my drivers door is still not latching on. like it bounces out and I have to pull it hard for the console to stop saying drivers door open all these faults and I've only been in My car about week if I'm lucky I don't know what to do!? I have an AA 6month warranty from them but my confidence is gone with the car totally and I ts them I bought it as a family car with my two kids hopefully getting safe to wherever we go. I just want a reliable safe car for my kids that's all is that too much to ask? That's why I went to a dealer, any suggestions are very welcome LH
  5. Frozen Drivers Door! Please Help!

    The garage I bought the Focus from fixed another problem (faulty valves) although this isn't anything to do with this but I told them about this problem when I got it checked in and they ordered a latch from ford (so they say) but it has fixed my passenger door but my drivers door is still Doin the same! I can see trouble ahead with this car and O need it for my kids also my partner is pregnant and having the baby next week so I'm a bit worried it's going to break down or the door open whilst driving... Ahhhh Sent
  6. 1.6 Climate 2005 Cutting Off When Stopping

    Apparently it was a faulty valve or valves? Also someone else was talking about the doors not closing however much you slam or gently close its like its not catching the latch well the garage said the ordered a latch from Ford and it's fixed the passenger door but my drivers door is still not clicking and it's doing my head in anyway thanks for the help and hopefully that'll be it but my gut says no...... Sent
  7. 1.6 Climate 2005 Cutting Off When Stopping

    Cheers for the reply Al have a look Sent
  8. Hi hopefully someone can help me as above my Focus, especially coming up to red lights, sometimes cuts out and the revs are erratic? It seems like when I'm coming up to the red light I press clutch into neutral and when coasting to stop the engine cuts out but with no chugging just silently when I look at dash the engine light is out, I then just restart the car and go?? I was thinking about getting some redex anyone think this will help? I'm wondering if the spark plugs are clogged? Anyway hopefully it's not something bad thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Frozen Drivers Door! Please Help!

    I have a 2005 mk2 5 door 1.6 petrol Focus and the two front doors don't latch! I have to go round to the passenger door to close it from the outside most times as my gf can't close it, it's so annoying and yes it is quite cold but come on as said in another thread its a bloomin door!! surely Ford have checked? Anyway still getting around to WD40ing it and someone else on here said Vaseline so I'll give that a go. I swear if my door opens mid drive I'll not be happy I'm hoping the back doors keep being ok as my children are in the back and that doesn't bear thinking about. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Engine Check Light Came On

    Hi everyone I just thought I'd share what went wrong for my engine check light to come on anyway here goes I stopped quite abruptly on cobbles got ot my car went into a shop came back out turned the ignition on and started to go as normal no lack of power or anything then I noticed the engine check light was on permenently and I thought oh 'expletives' so I got my mate who is a ford mechanic he then connected the computer the little one seemingly not the laptop and it came up cam sensor error ( or something like that ) he then looked around in my engine and waved me over and said the connector looked as if it had been rubbing against another part of the engine and probably wore the seal and the metal touched hence engine check light so he then electrical taped each wire as ther was two then taped over them again and switched the engine on and the light went off and has been for a few days now fingers crossed it stays that way also he said it felt like it wasn't seated right so he made sure it was plugged in tightly so maybe if someone has an engine check light and you know where the cam sensor is check its not freyed and it's securely plugged in :D hope it helps someone some day if not it's first post for me thats been a new topic
  11. Scottish Member

    Orite am new and Scottish tae so welcome :D
  12. Hi Everyone :d

    cheers everyone sorry about the mistakes my big fat fingers on this iphone dinny mix ha
  13. Hi Everyone :d

    I just joined as My Focus 1.6 02 (facelift) model has suddenly just light up the engine light and I am looking to get help aking my little Focus better and run better so I'm hoping I may be of some help to some of you in future :D thanks for reading this and I look forward to chatting to sone of you leithhibby
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums leithhibby :)