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  1. I find the alarm goes off straight away if any door other than the drivers is opened before the key is in.
  2. I lost my remote key a few months back and have been ok using the spare. you get a good 20/30 seconds to get the key in before the alarm goes off.
  3. Dtc D900 & failure to start

    Battery is in. Still get the red battery light up on dash intermittently. Now shows 2 dtc codes but will get am obd reader on it
  4. Dtc D900 & failure to start

    Picked up a Bosch S4
  5. Dtc D900 & failure to start

    Off to euro car to pick up a silver calcium I guess lol
  6. Dtc D900 & failure to start

    It's a lion battery
  7. Dtc D900 & failure to start

    Battery is only 3 months old!
  8. Hi all after some wisdom... My 08 focus 1.8tdci failed to start this morning. Battery voltage is 11.8v so enough to get it going. However it's like the starter won't fire and it just goes womp womp womp dead. Checked the cluster got DTC D900 and from what I read it's a comms issue. So I need to get an obd on it. However, a garage fudge up earlier in the year led to them putting a used engine in the car. Never been right since but it was liveable. Could they have bodged some wiring when putting ye new engine in? It was the correct KKDA engine that was put in. Any thoughts before I end up with a £500 1.2 corsa?
  9. Tow Eye Cover

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Genuine-Ford-Spray-Paint-Aerosol/dp/B005QXJ7CS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1505751210&sr=8-2&keywords=avalon+spray MINTER! may just buy this, always handy to have the right colour around
  10. Tow Eye Cover

    That's good to know, is it defo spray though as only one I found when I looked a while ago where the touch up pens.
  11. Any ideas where I can find an Avalon Blue tow eye cover for the front bumper? Not to keen on having to get one painted.
  12. Head Unit / Stereo

    Hi All, Can any recommend a decent cheap head unit that will fit in a mk1.5 focus? Only thing it must have is a aux in, not bothered about anything else. think its single DIN it must be too
  13. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Quick quesey, how difficult was it to wrap the car? I found it hard enough doing small bits inside
  14. HELP!

    Cant really say at the mo, just in case I need to take things further but it was a local reputable garage
  15. HELP!

    This is the only exterior damage I had when I broke down. this is the cam belt housing I believe?