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  1. Happy Birthday Racy Tracy!

  2. Fiesta Metal Headlight Bulbs

    ok, but i thought the nightbreaker still gave off a yellowish tint, which isn't what i want........in your opinion which bulb would be best. I want to get a bright crisp light, like a xenon, but without having to change the whole lighting unit
  3. Fiesta Metal Headlight Bulbs

    thanks very much for that Clarky, just checked that out on Osram web chat, and its right what you say about the Nightbreaker, they are brighter but still have that yellowish tint, so after a short discussion with an advisor, the bulb im going for is a Philips Blue Vision Ultra, these offer 30% brighter light than an ordinary bulb and are as close to xenon as I can get cheers
  4. Fiesta Metal Headlight Bulbs

    thanks very much for the advice and replies. Looks like the Osram nightbreakers are gonna be the ones that im going for. Cheers folks il let you know how I get on :D
  5. Fiesta Metal Headlight Bulbs

    Hi peeps I would like to ask if anyone could recommend a decent bulb to replace my standard ones on my 2012 Fiesta Metal. I used to have a 2010 Focus ST that had bi xenons, and I would like to get a bulb as close to that sort of illumination as possible (without having to change the whole light unit). A few weeks ago I changed my side light bulbs for led ones and they look really really good, so I would now like to do the same with my headlights. I dont want it looking like one of these boy racers cars that have the really blue ones, (personally I think they look ridiculous), I just want a much brighter bulb so any advice or suggestions would be great. cheers :)
  6. Hi folks, i wonder if someone out there could tell me how to change the side light bulbs on my Fiesta Metal. I know how to change the main headlight, but cant seem to work out how to change the side light bulb, want to change it for some led ones, much brighter and longer lasting. cheers racy tracy
  7. Pinking Metal??

    thanks very much for the advice, hopefully now its rained a bit the weather should cool down :)
  8. Pinking Metal??

    Hi folks, need advice with something. Ive got a Fiesta Metal, had it now for about 6 months, its on a 12 plate. Just recently ive noticed that when i put my foot down, say to pull away in traffic, overtake etc, ive noticed that the engine is 'pinking'. Like in the old days when your engine would be too advanced/!Removed! and you had to mess about adjusting the distributor......but obviously now a days, thats not possible. So was wondering if its worth a phone call to my local Ford Dealership (where i got the car from)....or would it solve the problem if i had it re-mapped (which i was thinking about doing). The thing is, i know that the dealership will probably just do a diagnostic check on it and if it comes back with no faults but its still 'pinking' then what would be my next course of action . Some people have suggested that it could be the fuel, but i go to different garages for fuel so dont see how it could be that. Any advice would be grateful......just to add, noticed it doesnt seem as responsive as it was when i first got it. Cheers :)
  9. Fiesta Number Plates

    Hi....hope someone can help. I'm trying to find some show plates for my Ford Fiesta Metal, what I would like is the standard UK design with the word Fiesta on the left side reading up (where you would normally see the GB badge) ive searched and searched on the internet tried eBay etc and can't even find any that I could have Ford on. I can find every other make of car from mini to Ferrari but can't find any for Ford. Does any one know where I could get some from? Cheers folks
  10. Fiesta Metal

    Hi everyone, hope someone can offer me some friendly advice. I have a Fiesta Metal 1.6 in Panther Black, with Piano Black interior. Really love the car but one thing is stopping me from loving it a little bit more......power!. I know im probably being ambitious and greedy but I would love to try and get a bit more umph out of it. Im not to bothered about more top speed just wish it had a bit more power when setting off from junctions or just pulling away in traffic. Unfortunately it doesnt have a turbo, so i know im going to be limited as to what i can do, but never the less, i would be very grateful if anyone could come up with any ideas. Prior to me getting the Fiesta I used to have a Focus ST that I had re-mapped by JD Autotech in Lancaster, and at the finish it increased the power to nearly 300bhp. I know my little Fiesta will never have that sort of power, but was hoping there is something I could do without having to have it re-mapped. cheers Racy Tracy
  11. Number Plate & L.e.d Bulbs

    Hello folks.....just wanted to know where I could get some plates made up for my Fiesta Metal. Ive done searches on the web and cant seem to find any sites that done number plates with either Ford on or Fiesta. Ive been told that Ford dont allow any use of their trademarks, but I have seen other Fords going round with either Ford or the model of the car on the number plate, so just wondering if anyone knew where I could get hold of any. Also is it possible to change the side light bulbs for LED ones. I have a 2012 Fiesta Metal. Cheers folks
  12. Fiesta Metal

    Hi guys, thanks for the advice. When i had my ST it cost £299 for the remap and then i bought a K & N air filter aswell. But it wasn't one of this people that come to your house with a lap top and plug it in. We drove down to a place called JD Mototech in Lancaster, who came recommended by Ford themselves. They spent all morning on it, had it on a rolling road, the temp in the bay was kept constant by fans etc, did at least 3 rolling road runs, and after each one he took the car out and actually drove it, when he got back he strapped it down again and checked the readings. He didn't just re-map the car, he altered the boost on the turbo, and increased the rev limit so it had more revs in each gear, he also increased the torque curve so it ended up with 319Nm. So in my opinion it was well worth the money, so if I had the Metal done I would definately go back to the same guys again.
  13. Fiesta Metal

    Hi folks, im a newbie. Ive just bought my second Ford, but had to down size a bit from my previous one. Jus got a Fiesta Metal 1.6 in Panther Black, used to have a Focus ST3 also in Panther Black....but an unfortunate change in jobs forced me to change the car as the Focus was getting a bit expensive to run plus it had been re-mapped. Anyhow i was wondering if anyone knew if the Metal could be re-mapped also, or is it not really worth it for the extra power that i may or may not get. Was really surprised with the Focus it went from 225 bhp to 298 bhp!!......anyhow any suggestions would be good, not really to fussed about the power output, mainly the torque. cheers guys
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums Racy Tracy :)