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    Newbie Fiesta Cutting Out... Help

    Thanks for the advice but checked haynes manual and according to that 16v models don't have idle speed control? is this right? i take it my car has something similar but all i can see is throttle position sensor also can anyone tell me what a tmap sensor does haynes manual tell you how to remove and replace but doesnt tell you what they do so i am at a bit of a loss ? taking it to dealer on tues but if it doesnt throw up any fault codes what then?
  2. Hi everyone ,i am wondering if anyone can help me i have just bought a 2004 fiesta 1.25 LX for daughter to lean to drive in , but having problems with it namely it cuts out on occasion, symptoms are while i place foot on clutch pedal revs drop and engine just cuts out ? this only happens when i have been driving at @ 60 mph and are slowing down for example turning into junction i place foot on clutch to come down gears but if i am not quick enough with gear change fault occurs! I have also noticed that tick over a bit erratic but i put that down to auto choke ? i have checked with the dash check looking for a fault code but if i read it right it flashes obd fault "none" so if anyone can point me in right direction i would be grateful before taking it to local ford dealership for them to check for any ecu updates or fault Thanks in advance Dazza
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Dazza8 :)