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  1. Cost of cambelt fitted?

    no worries meant to add the belt intervals are 10 years or 100.000 miles which ever occurs first mine was 10 years as i had only had done 73.000mls
  2. Cost of cambelt fitted?

    you have not told us what engine you have, i have a 1.25 zetec which i had the belt done in feb 09,make sure you get a timing belt kit fitted as it replaces the tensioners which can collapse if not replaced , i paid £110 at my local indy inc a new alternator belt,ford wanted £240 just for belt replacment
  3. White marks on car after leaving in garage

    weird i should log on today and see this post , i too am having problems with the same white spots on my car,usually have a slight yellowish tint in the middle,the culprit,!Removed! starlings,i have watched them fly from my roof and as they do they spray the cars with there crap , does anyone know if its illegal to shoot the little buggers
  4. Wonder Wheels?

    Zippy i use nothing but wonderwheels on my fiesta 1999 mk4 , wheels still look as good as the day it was driven off the forecourt, i buy it in 5 litre quantity's from a well known general wholesaler c****o ,i brush it on and rinse with water in a pressure sprayer after about 10 seconds, use it you will not be disappointed
  5. Xenon Bulbs - Are they worth it?

    i have looked into this a couple of times , what i have found is the vehicle must have auto levelling headlights (sensors on the suspension) and washers on the headlights , as for the law they are illegal in the uk but legal in the eu as were part of the eu i dont see how you cant use them ,plus i have read lots of posts on different forums that state they drive around without a problem and always pass the mot ,you will be amazed at the differance in light with them i myself if i had the money would fit them , were are you getting them from , keep us updated if you fit them
  6. fiesta mirrors

    good idea , a neighbour did this about 18months ago , someone cut the cable and smashed the camera off the wall , cant really mount one inside no where to mount it
  7. fiesta mirrors

    i have sat up all night a few times waiting for it to happen , never seems to happen ,it just seems like random kn*bheads :angry:
  8. fiesta mirrors

    hi helena ,no i dont have a drive ,the car is parked on the road outside my house 3ft from my living room window,police have had numerous calls from lots of local residents over the vandalism, but nothing ever gets done, i usually have to clip the section connected to the spring over the two lugs on the aluminium part of the mirror base , this time i cannot as all the internal mounts are broken :(
  9. fiesta mirrors

    i really need members help , i have owned my fiesta (mk4 1999) approx 5years ,constantly my ns wing mirror is knocked/kicked off by passing morons (at least 10 occassions) , 99% of the cars in the street it has happened to frequently, early hours of wednesday (5.40 am) i was woken up by a bang and then a screaming male voice i jumped up and looked out the window to see a lad of about 25 really drunk screaming obcenities in to the air about his girlfriend as he ran away,my wing mirror was hanging by its adjuster cables. i went out to clip it back on but found a large piece of the internal part of the mirror broken ,the little adj knob inside was on the floormat , i am really at the end of my tether now and have even thought of getting rid of the car as i am on edge all the time waiting for it to happen again, i have had the mirrors folded in but it exposed the cables and they were pulled out , i need to know is there any proper folding mirrors from other fords focus/mondeo etc i can replace mine with someone please give me some ideas thanks mark
  10. mk4 fiesta headlights

    first post so go easy , i own a 1999 fiesta i have recently started having to use the motorway at night and need to know is there any way of making the headlights brighter (the headlights are as bright as several fiestas in my area), the headlight glass is really clean inside and out , including the reflective areas , it just seems the standard headlight bulbs are not up to much when driving on unlit motorways ,i dont want to add extra lights to the front ,any ideas or advice would be great :)