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  1. Titanium X19" Wheel Noise

    I want to complain to fords about my dissatisfaction regarding the wheel noise from the Bridgestone tyres on my kuga. Any tips ,advice or contact numbers appreciated please.
  2. New Member

    My works title is an ecs,,,Electrical control specialist ...or electrician in bridgend engine plant Scotland are playing well... good luck
  3. New Member

    Love your accent !! Must get a photo of the Kuga posted but how about a photo of my little hobby in the meantime.
  4. New Member

    might be a bit far to come to sunny south wales though !! :)
  5. Bluetooth

    morning , Anyone had issues with a samsung galaxy s2 and connecting with the ford audio? My phone and the ford audio worked perfectly in my last Kuga but the new ford audio now has a system that reads the phone book in your phone so you do not need to store numbers manually. This is where my issue is,Although i can make and receive calls, no name details accompany the number as the phones phonebook is not being accessed ,therefor when i try to use the voice commands to dial a name contained in my phones phonebook because of the access issue no names are recognised.
  6. New Member

    Hello all, jouined today and looking forward to helping with any advice i can and to receiving advice, I have a new (21st dec 2012) uga titanium x with 19" wheels etc. This is my second kuga and pleased with the car. I am a ford employee so that helped with the price !!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums mel2000 :)