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  1. It's been two and a half years since my last brake service. I have a focus zetec 2010 would now be a good time to get the system bled and renewed?
  2. Bought my car two and half years ago. It's 2010 and in the two and half years I had it it's not had an aircon service. Not sure the last owner did it so it might never have had one? It doesnt blow as cold but should I still get it serviced to prevent future problems? Got a anti bacterial and recharge for £32!
  3. Had my car two and a half years. In this time not had an aircon service! Presume it was done by the previous owner. Anyway I have one booked for £32 Inc the anti bacterial flush. It's not blowing warm.. Was going to leave it but it's best to get it re gassed now?
  4. After doing an oil change, I spilt a lot down the engine as I didn't have a funnel and it was rather all drives fine...just wondering the best way to get in there and clean up any excess ?
  5. Mine also does this. Mk2.5. It seems to happen. Ore with shell fuel but not 100% sure that is the cause. Very strange but it doesn't affect the car in anyway just a bit annoying sometime. My car has been done for the last, 3 weeks.
  6. Air filter and oil change worth a shot.
  7. Want to do mine too. Looks crap. They all rust.
  8. my 59 plate 1.6 petrol at the minute does 38.3 mpg thats with a few longer journeys than usual. usually with short town trips and work (8miles each way) i get 36ish mabye more. long motorway i can get early 40's. I keep the oil changed every year and service it etc .
  9. I do 33 all round on mine. With a few passengers regularly.
  10. My 59 plate did this. Gave it a service. Sparks filters ect and not done it since. Tried engine cleaner didn't make a difference
  11. frostman83


    Try bellow glove box. It's a yellow one on mine.
  12. Well changed the filter. Was a bit tricky. Took around half an hour. Have to take glove box out and drop fuse box. Bit tight for space but no too bad all in all although the spark plug change was a lot quicker. All serviced for another year though so thanks for the input all.
  13. I have always thought that the fuel filter is in the fuel tank and not accessible?