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  1. Extended Warranty

    Hi BHeart It must be worth a try, what I did was stress that I'd discussed the option at the time of purchase, and the advice given at the time was that it could be done any time up to the first anniversary of registration. My car is a March 2013 and the warranty was purchased 2 days before the first anniversary. Good Luck
  2. Extended Warranty

    I had this problem in March, the rules have changed and the warranty now has to be purchased at the same time as the car. The dealer was unable to help, but I was advised to contact Ford on 08702416726 - they agreed to extend the warranty, as I had a copy of the brochure with the warranty terms at the time of purchase - and I stated that it was always my intention to extend the warranty if I was happy with the car, which I am :)
  3. Forget Sync Applink

    Disappointing if true, this is not what was promised at the turn of the year. http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/126175-ford-sync-applink-software-upgrade-to-arrive-for-3-4m-vehicles-in-2014
  4. Convenience Pack - Keyless Entry A Warning

    My Titanium X automatically relocks if the door is not opened, I think the timer is 45 seconds. I also find that the easiest way to check that the car has been locked is the powerfold mirros - if they are folded in, the car is locked.
  5. Sync/txt

    My Nokia 920 works well with Sync, but it's actually the phone that does the work, as it also works with my wife's Qashqai and my Bluetooth headset. I can listen to, and reply to texts using speech only, even on my bike! Go to Settings/Speech and set Read Incoming Texts Aloud to Bluetooth and Headsets. I also have the Use Speech when the phone is locked, and Enable Speech Recognition Service option ticked in the same menu.
  6. Sync Update 13 Plate Fiesta Econetic 1.0 Titanium

    Frustratingly, customers can't yet download a Sync update, it has to be done by the dealer, and some dealers try to charge. I think you can reset the bluetooth module by removing the appropriate fuse, but i'm someone better qualified will advise.
  7. Problems New Fiesta

    I would be very surprised if that was the case. This is a quote from the AA The exhaust emissions standards for new cars have effectively required fitment of a DPF in the exhaust of diesel cars since 2009 when the 'Euro 5' standard came into force. In fact, many cars registered before 2009 will have had one fitted too in anticipation of the change in standards.
  8. Benefits Of Age

    I must be a similar age as I had a very similar quote from Saga - but my second lowest was £135 from my bank. They also had a £50 off deal running at the time - so it worked out at £85 for the year. Lowest insurance I've ever had.
  9. Mk7.5 2013 Fiesta Usb Music Question.

    Don't know about playlists, but if you copy the album folders directly to the root of the drive you should be fine. You don't need to complicate things by creating Folders for Artists etc, as this should already be encoded in the track information. Shuffle play is absolutely fine. One tip - don't use a mac for copying music, otherwise you will be left with a number of tiny additional files that confuse the system, something to do with searchlight on OSX.
  10. A Nokia 920 does work, but not the way that Ford intended. If you change the Speech settings to turn on Use Speech when the phone is locked, Play Audio confirmations, Enable Speech Recognition Service and set the Read incoming text messages aloud to Bluetooth and headsets - you will get prompts to listen, dictate and reply to text messages, without having to push any button on the stereo. Works very well on my Titanium X. I believe that IPhones can also do something similar from IOS6. The Ford UK compatibility site is well out of date - December 2012. Some Android phones work if they support Bluetooth Message Access Profile.
  11. Ford Sync Compatibility

    Loving my Titanium X 125, but not impressed with Ford Sync - unable to get the text notification feature working, even though my HTC Evo 3D has Bluetooth Message Access Profile. Does anyone know of any new phones that work properly with the text feature? Ford's compatibility chart was last updated in December.
  12. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    I placed my order with the dealer on the 2nd December, latest date for delivery is tomorrow - so hopefully have it the middle of next week.
  13. 2013 Fiesta Arriving 1St March!

    I'm waiting for a silver Titanium X 125, should have been on the road March 1st, but delivery has been put back to 9th March.
  14. Hello

    New member just waiting on March 1st delivery of a silver Fiesta Ecoboost 125 Titanium X. First Ford since a new Mk1 XR2 - shows my age :D
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums supersneak :)