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  1. Does This Fit?

    No, I was just joking about collecting them in NL. I have not bought them yet and I just decided not to buy them at all.
  2. Does This Fit?

    I think it's best not to buy this set of alloys. Or buy the set and replace the tyres with the right size. Anyone interested in a set of tyres ;) Thank you all !
  3. Does This Fit?

    No problem but you have to collect them at the other side of the Northsea in the Netherlands :D :D
  4. Does This Fit?

    Do you know how much slower the car will be, speeding up? Is their a calculation to make?
  5. Hello All!

    Thanks! Colour is Midnight Sky
  6. Hello All!

    Thanks for a warm welcome :) Here's some pictures: http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL984/4379796/9254050/404922220.jpg http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL984/4379796/9254050/404819623.jpg
  7. Does This Fit?

    OK, thanks! Speedo I don't really mind but gearing could be a serious issue.
  8. Does This Fit?

    I thought might be a problem with wheel/tyre height? Total height is 2.5 cm. more.
  9. Does This Fit?

    I just found a very nice (new) set alloy wheels for my 2012 C-MAX. It's an 18" set with 235-45/18 tyres. Does this fit? My Ford reseller says normally 235-40/18 is used for a C-MAX. (it;s an original Ford set of wheel from a S-MAX)
  10. Hello All!

    Hello all!! My name is Dennis. Owner of a 2012 C-MAX Titanium 182bhp. I'm from The Netherlands.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums caroden :)