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  1. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    QHSE Engineer for an Electronics Company
  2. Are You Getting A New Car For 2013?

    well i've had the car now since thursday and all i can say is wow i was comtemplating getting an audi a4 black edition but am glad that i didn't now. i've never had a car that is such a head turner when it was parked up at work on friday the amount of people that looked at itr then did a double take when they realised it had a big blue oval on the front and wasn't a bmw ou audi. every time i drive it a huge grin appears on my face :D i'm finding excuss now to go out in it like going to the shops and forgetting to pick items up so i have to go back later and get them ;)
  3. Are You Getting A New Car For 2013?

    I have just changed my Nissan Qashqai +2 for a 2012 Mondeo T X S 200, wife is going to keep the QQ and i get to have fun in the Ford!! I pick the car up Thursday so only 4 more sleeps to go, i can't wait :D
  4. well after about 14 years of driving other cars today i have bought a 62 Mondeo T X S 200 in Frozen White. i pick it up on thursday and cant wait. looking forward to giving it a good seeing to going to and coming home from work on Friday!!! Cheers Simon
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums sd1000 :)