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  1. Hi Guys! Even if both doors are shut and boot are shut, the interior light will go off but a little yellow light stays on the dash saying a door is open? Also, my wipers only work on the fastest setting or if im lucky and pull it down a notch in time it will slowly work on the slow contact setting and only if im REALLY lucky and pull it all the way down will the intermittent wipe work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Stu
  2. All sorted, It was a relay behind the central fuse box. Swapped it with the rear window heater and the fans, windows and indicators work! Relief! Thanks to all and hope this may prove useful for others
  3. Really appreciate it guys! Have a auto electrician coming round tonight who seems to know the fault so fingers crossed he can fix it :-)
  4. Really appreciate this info! Is the obd port easy to locate? Thanks again, Stuart
  5. Good evening, I think iv made a big mistake of taking a MK5 Fiesta Zetec s as a PX on a car i sold. The hazard lights work and all indicators flash. If i use indicator stick neither left or right indicators engage. The electric windows dont work? The heater fans dont work? I checked in car fuses and none are blown. Please can someone advise me what to check as id like to look at it tomorrow and make it work if i can. Thank to al in advance, Stu
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums stuiwhite :)