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  1. Few Issues With New Fiesta St (2007)

    Thanks for the reply, yeah I am a bit stumped to the dash delay but its nothing major it still works, I am going to my local scrap yard to get 2 replacement wing mirrors, the non drivers side has damaged plastic, and for the price they are asking I cant complain :). I have stripped the door on fiestas before, (fitting speakers into my old car) I will investigate at the weekend new motor from the scrapyard is only £10 and £15 each for the mirrors. Just a bit confused on the dash delay don't know what would cause it I'm no electrician :(
  2. Hi all, I have treated myself to a new car Fiesta ST (2007) and it has a couple of issues with it. The dials on the dashboard do not come to life straight away when the ignition is on, the dash back lights come on but takes the dials between 5-10 seconds to kick in. The car will start with this issue but it doesn't seem right and I would like to correct it. The second fault is that the drivers window will not go down all the way, and it sound like its struggling on the way back up. And the final issue is with the electric folding wing mirror on the drivers side. As I lock the car they fold away but drivers side mirror closes then carrys on trying to close and click 3-4 times, its like a limit switch or sensor isnt being detected to tell it that the mirrors closed. Has anyone had similar issues and has anyone have any solutions/suggestions. Thanks Callum
  3. Cutting New Key

    I have a ford fiesta 2004 with one key! Iv'e seen new genuine ford keys on eBay for less that £10, they will also cut the key if I supply the key code. I would have to buy a transponder seperatley which is about £5, but can I sync the transponder to my car myself?
  4. Central Locking Not Working!

    Thanks allot, new fuse is in central locking works! But the driver side door wont open all the doors but the passenger side will. I guess the solenoid or wiring is damaged? What do i need to look for?
  5. Central Locking Not Working!

    Yep theres a red padlock dash board light that flashes and no the indicators dont flash when its locked.
  6. Central Locking Not Working!

    I don't have the key buttons to open the booth that way, i tried the button on the dash and that does not work either? i looked in the fuse box and fuse F24 has a padlock next to it and doesnt have a fuse in its slot?
  7. Central Locking Not Working!

    Also where is the fuse box located on a fiesta mk 6?
  8. Central Locking Not Working!

    No, well it might be when I bought it it only came with one key and it isnt a fob key. Its the bottom of the range but it might still have had a fob on the main key.
  9. I bought a 2004 fiesta finesse 5 door yesterday and the central locking isn't working so I got it cheap. When I unlock the drivers door there is no noise of the motor unlocking the other doors and they do not open unless opened using the key or from the inside. I was thinking it could be a fuse, broken wires or bust motor? Does anyone have any advice of what to do? Cheers Callum
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Cpemble :)