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  1. Focus 1.6Tdci Problem

    Hi Sorry for the late reply, I ended up getting the fuel pump replaced under warrantee Cheers
  2. Focus 1.6Tdci Problem

    No noises from the engine bay! I did notice the fuel economy drop over the last couple of months. It's steadily gone down from 55mpg to 49mpg with no change in driving style. Cheers
  3. Focus 1.6Tdci Problem

    Just when moving, although it does seem sluggish to rev when stationary. Wouldn't a computer issue throw up a fault code? Cheers
  4. Focus 1.6Tdci Problem

    No, nothing, plugged into my laptop and I did a self diagnostic but no codes stored Cheers
  5. Focus 1.6Tdci Problem

    I'm not sure, I have only had the car 3 months and it came with full history as it was an ex fleet car Cheers
  6. Focus 1.6Tdci Problem

    No ideas? Cheers
  7. Focus 1.6Tdci Problem

    Hi I have an 08 Focus 1.6tdci which decided to die on my Thursday morning. The problem which has developed is that the engine will completely shut down under acceleration. It first happened accelerating out of a 30mph zone. There was no warning just cut off. I turned the ignition off and on and it came back to life and allowed me to carry on under light throttle loads but would shut Down again when applying any kind of throttle. I have plugged the car into my laptop and no faults are logged and there is no MIL light on. Is this a known fault? Or has anyone experienced this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Chris
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums csmith10 :)