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  1. Titanium Ecoboost

    I didnt notice those until someone on this forum pointed them out to me in the pictures of my own car ! :D Mine don't light up either if it puts your mind at ease Roderick, I think they are just reflecters as iNath stated. Paul (Titanium X - 125)
  2. Fiesta 2013 - Eco Boost Performance Questions

    I'm glad someoneelse agrees. I love my car and I can easily adapt to holding out in the lower gears but I was very suprised this wasnt mentioned (Clearly) by any of the reviews, so I started to worry if my engine was broken in some way.
  3. Fiesta 2013 - Eco Boost Performance Questions

    The seatbelts have small "Midnight grey" strips down them. I didnt pay much attention to them on the trim specs but It looks pretty good. I love the front of the STs Milko, hope it arrives soon!
  4. Fiesta 2013 - Eco Boost Performance Questions

    Here's a picture of my new pride and joy :D (Thanks to Peter for the photobucket link, very easy to use)
  5. Fiesta 2013 - Eco Boost Performance Questions

    As for the MPG question... I'm trying to drive the car as indicated by the shift arrow and have full green leafs on the eco setting. I'm only currently getting around 41.5MPG (Mostly town driving/a little motorway) But the dealership and pretty much the entire internet has stated that the car will need to run in a little before it will peak. I have some faith in that it will improve, but for me this is a huge upgrade after my 1.4 mk6 zetec.
  6. Fiesta 2013 - Eco Boost Performance Questions

    Hey Peter It was annoying for me ordering the car not having seen it, using the limited images from Ford. I've snapped up a few pictures for you of the car which should highlight the differences of the Titanium X. I only really got that trim because of the Power start button (I find it so cool!!). At the moment the heated seats are so amazing! I also love the little touch on the seatbelts as well. I didnt really care when buying the car lol. I'm not 100% sure how to attach photos on the forum here so If you pm me your email I can send them over to you. (My car is much dirtier already because of the grit on the road)
  7. Fiesta 2013 - Eco Boost Performance Questions

    Cheers for the replies guys, I just wanted to make sure that's how the engine should be. Like I said, when It is in the right place the car is rapid, It's just a big change in the way I drive.
  8. Fiesta 2013 - Eco Boost Performance Questions

    An older fiesta 1.4 Mk6 Facelift. I'm slightly worried about it actually because noone else has commented on the performance I'm seeing with it. I think for the whole time ive driven I tend to race to 5th gear, so having to hold in the lower gears is strange. So yeah, don't know if it's me or an actual problem.
  9. Hey Guys I picked up my new Titanium X 2013 (125 ecoboost) Fiesta last week after a long wait without a car. I just want to asked other people with the 100/125 Ecoboost engines for their experience so far, because i'm finding it weird to drive and Im not sure if it's me, an engine problem or something I just need to get used to. Because the car wasn't available when I ordered it for a test drive I actually went in a focus and TBH I think they are very different. - How do you find the engine at low revs? - The car is rapid when you put your foot down but seems to struggle at cruising speed. - In other cars I drive I usually race to 5th gear but with the Ecoboost I have to stay in lower gears much longer. Is this Normal? - 3rd seems to struggle(Can hear the engine) with anything below 26mph. Do you find the same? - 4th after about 40~42 but I can't really get into 5th until around 48/50. While in other cars I'd get into 5th around 40. Do you find the same? Maybe it's a case of getting used to it. Everything else about the car is awesome so far. Sync, the heated seats and keyless entry are amazing. I've seen a lot of people talk about "Drive the deal" on here and I can confirm they are great. I got a very good price and everything when through smoothly. Thanks in advance for any replies!!!
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Paulospanda :)