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  1. ok I have taken a short video of it trying to start and running for approx ten seconds its not great but if it confirms timing chain or helps with a diagnosis....audio isnt great as my phones not the best video is here http://s1327.beta.photobucket.com/user/vintageretro1971/media/video-2013-03-12-12-22-53_zps625b4d79.mp4.html thanks in advance for any advice/opinions and thanks to those who have already posted...
  2. Ok so I called the aa out again and this time i got a decent bloke,he tried alot and got it running with ver very low revs say 200rpm for about 20seconds.he took spark plugs out and turned over and it was firing fuel out like no tomo he didnt reckon it was chain as it ran-albeit at 200rpm and like a lumpy bag of mess...his best guess was overfuelling,he plugged in and got no fault codes,temp read 21degrees,would it throw out Fault code if timing chain had slipped?/was out? He said it sounded like it was runnin backwards at one point.any help greatly appreciated
  3. Ok so tomo ill check all the wiring and make sure I have a good spark,if that fails I guess i have to make the choice between timing chain kit £115 + 18 for tool,and hope it hasnt done damage, an ebay replacement engine £250 plus postage or scrap it for bits and start again! Also im not a mechanic but a competant diyer which would u choose in my position?engine or kit?
  4. thanks for your reply! I havent checked spark as it sometimes fires,I will fit the old coil tomo and see if it makes a diff how do u check the timing physically?thanks
  5. Has anybody ever had a chain slip? What happened? Did it mean the end of the engine? Has anybody got any input at all? Could anyone tell me if this engine is an interferance engine or not?
  6. Ok so its not fuel pump,so im guessing its camchain has slipped it was a bit tappity sounding. it happened whilst stopped at traf lights any chance it hasnt buggereed the valves etc?also ive tried to start it lots which prob hasnt helped...any advice or help would really be appreciated......is this the end of the car? Somebody?anybody?
  7. I should add called aa out the guy reckoned chain had slipped!? Took cover off and theres a bit of play in the chain anyway i can test for this? To me it feels like a fuel pump problem anybody no how i can test fuel pressure without a pressure tester?also seems more closer to starting with accelerator pushed right down....
  8. Ok ford gurus please help me,mondeo 2.0duratec was driving along stopped at traff lights and car cut out,wouldnt quite start,would turn over and some times ran with very very low revs felt like fuel starvation but had 40miles of fuel left in the tank so stuck another 5 litres in as broke down next to a garage ,still no go had new coil plugs and ht leads 1000miles ago checked them all still solid it sometimes almost fires and if you depress the valve on injector rail fuel squirts out so fuel is gettin thru,any ideas? Thanks in advance just bought the car a month ago on ebay so very annoyed. to be clear it turns over and sometimes almost fires but not quite
  9. Sorry where would it show what gear im in?I just stick it in D and let it do its thing,havent noticed a number anywhere.seems to change up n down ok tho.as i said the ht leads coilpack etc did sort it for a while..but now its back but still not as noticable as b4.Next step im going to try is butterfly valves in inlet...i tried the vacuum pipe test.pulled pipe off and engine got a little louder not quieter and revs raised slightly.theres a tappy noise hardly noticable on tickovrr but louder when u rev it.goin to do inlet on the weekend.i dont like the feeling its ver ver odd.feels like a misfire.
  10. Ok well I changed everything over and done the service...drove lovely for 50miles and then ever so faint stutter again,its obv electrical as changing coilpack temp fixes the problem lasts for approx 2-300miles before its bad again id guess....any ideas anybody? I dont think its throttle cable as coilpack plugs etc temp fixes...to be clear to date its had spark plugs (ngk platinum set to 0.9mm) oe ht leads coilpack air,oil,+fuel filter-problem disaapeared before fuel filter.
  11. I will check throttle cable tomo,it had a new coilpack fitted by previous owner last month and it seems to be gettin worse,i am also thinking of changing plugs and ht leads and coil pack to see if this sorts it.along with a service....pretty sure it hasnt seen a service for a while.
  12. No engine light only noticed it when warm it does it when you accelerate gently if you boot it it doesnt do it/changes down and stops doing it feels like its thinking about changing down...does it more going uphill.thanks
  13. Hi all new to the forum and hope somebody can help.just bought a 2002 auto 2.0 petrol drives lovely changes gear fine up and down but sometimes just cruising along at low revs it feels like the car misfires/changes gear it will do it a couple of times then carry on as usual...does it at higher speeds more than lower.now im new to autos and the car dont know if its just the auto thinking about changing gear? can somebody give me any advice? Im hoping its nothing serious as itss an ebay buy and the guy lives 100+miles away. Thanks in advance
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums davo123 :)