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  1. Hey Everyone From Avon Tuning Team

    If my car wasn't already tuned I would be straight down your place. Don't think there's much more I can do to get more BHP outta mine properly. Got the mountune MP185 on mine as it stands want more power but there no longer doing the MR200 kit so a bit stuck really. Ooo well a cup of tea would be nice lol
  2. Hey Everyone From Avon Tuning Team

    Welcome Gareth , where abouts are you based to near bristol? I'm from kingswood. Think my mate had his car done at yours and really rated you. If I was looking for a remap I would pop in :)
  3. New Member Bristol

    I seen one that looks exactly the same as yours, can't remember where but have seen one
  4. New Member Bristol

    Ahh fair enough. No I haven't seen many around I'm from kingswood
  5. New Member Bristol

    Hi Jordan, what part of Bristol you from? Think I've seen your car around
  6. New Member Bristol

    Hi Jordan, what part of Bristol you from? Think I've seen your car around
  7. My Fiesta St Project

    Changed the lights today :) really like the look of them
  8. My Fiesta St Project

    I'm going to sound rude now but can't remember your name lol!? Indeed I have and got lots more to do!
  9. Hey guys and girls. Thought I would put up the few bits I have done to my car already. It's not much but it will be there by ford fair :) As you can see it starts off with my first picture of took of my car, Then the engine bay before any cleaning Front splitter Fuel rail Fuse box cover Battery cover Changing the ford badges New LED sidelight bulbs My spraying of my plastics (thought I'd have a go) Looks better on the car Rear spacers My Mountune Lead set Mountune short shift arm After a good clean Having a clean round the engine Fitting my push start button Then next its brake conversion Rear diffuser Mudflaps 60mm throttle body Some paint work sprayed Gun metal grey alloys Thanks for looking :)
  10. New Joiner!

    Welcome :)
  11. New Joiner!

    Welcome :)
  12. Evening

    Hello and welcome
  13. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    What time do you fly out Wednesday?
  14. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    I work as a security agent for Bristol airport :)
  15. I've got a fiesta ST MK6 and I want to lower it but can't decide on what coilovers to get? Any advise?