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  1. St Questions

    Maybe Ford is missing a trick? Perhaps the definition between ST1 and ST2 should be clearer marked as I would like to see an RS model but can't believe one is coming? Maybe have the ST1 as a barebones track-hatch. Ditch the DAB audio, SYNC, Quickclear, A/C, Fog-lamps and MyKey (but make the style pack mandatory) and knock a £1000 off the list price. Then possibly make the ST2 as the performance commuter cruiser where you simply add everything back on, give EATC and Sat-Nav as standard and then add £500 to the standard list price.
  2. St Questions

    Not really IMHO. The ST is the performance oriented model and therefore should opt to forego luxuries in exchange for motorsport influenced items like Recaro seats and harder suspension. In-fact I think they should be braver and strip out some non-essentials like front fog lamps and A/C to save weight, maybe like a Renaultsport "Cup" version.
  3. Hi

    I used to run a 1.6 titanium and an S1600 and those figures are probably about the same from what i was achieving. My driving is heavily town influenced (12 miles round trip per day, no motorways and very little above even 40mph). I eventually worked out that if I filled up when the fuel warning light came on, it should cost me about £45 and i would see somewhere between 280-300 miles range on the trip depending on current driving conditions which was fair for Ford's recommendations. If you want to work out what your real mpg or cost per mile is then, when you next fill up, top the tank right off. From your fuel receipt, note down the total amount of fuel purchased and the price you paid and make sure you reset the trip. Next time you fill up, note down the trip mileage, divide this by the total number of liters you put in your car originally and you should come up with a number something like 8 (this is miles/liter). To get mpg, just multiply your answer by 4.55 and you'll get your real mpg!
  4. Is This A Good Deal?

    If it was me I think i'd half the deposit and think about pushing those monthly payments up toward the £200 mark (or more if you can afford it) otherwise you might find yourself in all sorts of problems with negative equity in 24 months time. Think of it this way the 100PS Zetec is a £13000 car. Even if they knock £1000 off the list price that will still be £12000. If you put in £1K and then pay £126 x24 you'll still have at least £8000 (when not even thinking about interest) left to pay on a car that might struggle to fetch that value if you wanted to sell it. By putting the monthly payment up to £200 it will potentially take £1800 off at the end of the deal. Plus if you consider that the more you contribute now, if you wanted a new car in 24 months you might even have some equity to put towards it.
  5. Ecoboost 1.0T Mpg & Ecomode Owner Results

    our ones always come in at around the 320miles number although you'd have to be a pretty good gambler on the petrol tank roulette to achieve that. Our 100PS after 1500 miles is now hovering around the 39.8mpg and has just done 175miles out of fractionally less than 1/2 tank, but the range reports there is 199m remaining. Our 125PS after 250 miles is averaging 37.5mpg and has just done 163miles out of fractionally less than 1/2 tank but the range reports 202m remaining. EDIT: when I say "mpg" i mean the trip computers mpg. Not sure what the "true mpg" is yet but I can imagine its going to be slightly less. Mind you saying that if the computer read back in miles/litre like it should it would save some confusion.
  6. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Old S1600 before it left... ...and new ZS after it arrived (No alloy pedals though. Spoke to dealer and they said they'll get someone round to fit them for me)
  7. Zetec S

  8. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    Cheers for that, it looks pretty cool in blue! Although if i got it in that colour i might skip out on the style pack as the red calipers and orange scuff plates are a bit of a colour clash...
  9. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    Looks really good in white with the Rado Grey wheels and red calipers. Not too sure about the red seats though any idea what the scuff plates look like and if they match the bulbs to the exterior colour? Still waiting to see one in spirit blue before I decide (also have to pay for a sodding wedding first...)
  10. First Details Of New Fiesta St Revealed -

    Glad i wasn't ripped off then, I got £7900 for my 2010 (60 plate) with 16K on the clock and a dent in the door.
  11. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    The missus has just passed 1150m in her Ecoboost (100PS). We reset the trip at 1000 and pre 1K it was averaging 37.8mpg, now its showing 41mpg avg. Not as good as the documentation would suggest but its heading in the right direction.
  12. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Shouldn't be much more than that, might even be less. I placed my order for a Ecoboost Zetec S in the week of 21st Jan and it arrived into the dealership last week and picking it up on Saturday. On a different note, if anyone is looking for a 2nd hand S1600 (white) there is going to be one on Essex Ford's forecourt very soon. One careful(ish) owner and very tidy! :)
  13. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    About identical to my missus one. 856 on hers (100ps Zetec) and 38.6mpg
  14. Fiesta Metal

    I do mostly urban driving (70mile/week, max speed 50mph) and over 14500miles it's returning 38.7mpg on the computer which I suppose is fairly OK for a sporty hatchback. I certainly noticed the improvement in fuel after going from my Fiesta ST to the S1600. On the performance side I wouldn't necessarily call it brisk though. According to the tech spec's there is only 0.3/sec difference between the 0.60 times of the Mk6 ST and S1600 but it feels a tad strangulated if you ever try to achieve that. 1st gear is overly long and the other 4 seem a tad short legged if you ask me. On the other hand the interior is about 50 times more pleasurable to be in than the old ST, what with the Bluetooth, leather trim, Motorsport scuff plates and floor mats and other bits you get in it.
  15. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    I've had four Mk7's of various trim levels and all of them suffer from the same issue unfortunately. I got one of them replaced for free however after I went ballistic at the service department one day when very low on petrol and couldn't for love nor money get the cap open so had to snap the lock with a key. Thankfully on the Mk7.5 they've changed the design to one with a pull lip rather than the silly push to open thing...