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  1. Ok thanks for all the help, I fixed the problem by buying remote unlock from Ebay and it took me 20 minutes to install it, all for £55 I now have two remote blippers that lock and unlock the car!!!
  2. I'll just put the keys back on ebay. I asked my local main dealer Ford last week whether they could get me the remote keys for my car- they took my Number plate and VIN numbers and said no problem - £160 for two keys. Today I asked them to confirm this and reminded them it was a CL model and they said to ring back tomorrow to confirm it!!!
  3. oh,oh- looks like I've made a big mistake, I've got 2 keys coming from ebay which cost me approx. £45 and now I find that my car is too basic to have these remote keys!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi, I'm new and I have a Focus CL TDDi Vreg four door and I already have a question!! Can anyone confirm whether my CL should have remote three button keys or was it such a basic car from new that FORD did not think it was worth the effort and only allowed the manual key??? I bought it secondhand so it only came with one manual key and no handbook!