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  1. Happy Birthday JayTDCI!

  2. Leather Recaro's - Will They Fit??

    Probably would of thought they were all the same
  3. Leather Recaro's - Will They Fit??

    im sure the fiesta one would fit then, as you still have bolt from old anchor
  4. Leather Recaro's - Will They Fit??

    oh my st seats belt comes from top, you sure you have the back bench to seat 3 people?
  5. 2010 Rear Ford Emblem Badge Replacement

    straight over the top of them, don't need to pull them off or anything.
  6. Leather Recaro's - Will They Fit??

    i thought you could unbolt old one?
  7. 2010 Rear Ford Emblem Badge Replacement

    they fit onto the front of existing badges.
  8. Leather Recaro's - Will They Fit??

    straight forward swap if yours is the mk 2 + 2.5
  9. Focus Clutch?

    just had it done for this on my fiesta £250...
  10. Focus Clutch?

    you can get it done for about £100 - £150 labour plus part.
  11. Just Got My First Focus

    big fan! looks nice red and black!
  12. Some Damage Advice

    Sounds like you hit the under tray to me, best to get balancing and tracking sorted, if you've noticed vibrations on steering wheel.
  13. Rear Tow Cap

    no thats not it
  14. sand them down and paint them black?