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  1. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Could be that then, mine had two little scres in the top of the unit above the drive, took them out before I fitted.
  2. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Did u take the two small screws out the top that hold the cd drive safe during delivery?
  3. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Vince check this item out 281034817002 it's the same sat nav I think.
  4. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Let us know how you get on vince as I'm in the same boat was going to place my order next week! Now the price has gone up I'm going to have to reconsider. Although there are other sellers of the same unit.
  5. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Hi Liam, just ordered all my bits!! Excited!! How's the freeview in yours? What's it like when your moving signal wise? I want mine for the digital radio, you think I need a booster arial? I'v gone for the same dvb-t unit as you:)
  6. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Do you have the link to the freeview aswell?
  7. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    I'm sold!
  8. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Good stuff, can you post me the link to the freeview unit you bought. With the Bluetooth in relation to the factory standard how does it compare out of 10, this the only thing that may put me off as I use the phone so much in the car for my job.
  9. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    What's the Bluetooth quality like, does it use the car mic? Also what's the freeview like, do you have to keep retuning? As you can pickup digital radio with that can't you?
  10. After Market Sat Nav

    Yer I did think that, has anyone had/got one of these or suggest a better alternative? I have t got hundreds to spend though :(
  11. Hi All, New year so hello to everyone, Seen many posts/discussions regarding after market sat navs but nothing conclusive, I'm look at this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DVD-Player-GPS-Navigation-System-for-FORD-Mondeo-FOCUS-C-MAX-S-MAX-KUGA-GALAXY-/230888938022?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item35c20d9a26 What does everyone think has anyone got one? or suggest better for similar price? (I have a 10 plate mondeo) Answers on a postcard :) Thanks Sam
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums samtwilliams :)