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  1. Thanks mate gonna have a look for this in the morning.
  2. Do you mean the seal that sits on top of the filter or is there a o-ring on the upside of the cap? Now you meantion this i remember finding a small o-ring under the car im wondering if its fell off will have to check Im sure theres air in the lines though its not even attempting to fire just turning over.
  3. Tried for over a hour last night even tried bump starting it to drag the fuel through, Im worried my pump might pack in if i keep cranking it dry, Theres a nipple on the top and bottom of the fuel filter casing will they be of any use to pump the air out does anyone know?
  4. Hi everyone i serviced my 56 plate tdci 1.8 focus yesterday and now the car wont start :( I know the problem is the fuel filter, I didnt add any extra diesel when i changed the filter and now there is air in the fuel lines, My question is how will i get it out? Any help will be appreiciated thanks Adam
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums dervtastic :)