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  1. Mk7 Zetec S Front Splitter

    Nope mine doesnt have it, must be part of the dress up kit?
  2. New Fiesta - which petrol engine?

    Im getting 41.6mpg .... apparently lol
  3. Air Conditioning & Performance

    I dont really use my air con that much I prefer to have my window open. I was sitting in traffic with a mate and decided to wack it on when i did we both heard this almighty clunk my mate thought the engine had dropped out lol I wudnt normally have noticed becuase I have my music loud but yeh looks like its normal =/
  4. cancelled order

    I love me baby an shes given me absoloutly no problems at all <3
  5. You are not going to believe this

    Thats Really strange, by any chance is it the one that is floppy? lol the Drivers side one? When I first washed mine and lifted it up I thought it was odd how that one has no frame =/ but maybe thats just me lol
  6. Yet another problem....

    I dont know much about mechanics so I cant be any help. Do you know anyone that works on cars? See if they can have a look for you, if not you might have to go and get it checked =/ doesnt look like anyone on here knows what it might be since noone has replied =/
  7. Gel badge overlays

    Just thought id share a few pics, getting the Wheel centres next! I really like then is a nice cheap touch :)
  8. Gel badge overlays

    Haha well I did think bout it but I dont want to go mad with to much pink just little hints so ppl know its a girls car lol I was the same didnt seem very sticky but once there on they stick really well! You have to choose the option that says New Fiesta 08 :)
  9. Gel badge overlays

    Nice one Michelle, I already have these on mine :) Black/chrome front and back and black/pink steering wheel lol they are really good
  10. Order placed!! So excited!

    I think by having this conversation in Bens thread we might be rubbing salt into his wounds lol but Good Luck!
  11. Its Done

    Greattt Choice :D haha Gratz
  12. Order placed!! So excited!

    haha Its only payback for all the abuse I get from him :) lol I dont think there is a "maximum" wait, It took 7 weeks from order for my Zetec S, I dont think there is such a big wait for the Zetec S
  13. Order placed!! So excited!

    Poor Ben :( U can have another go in mine at the weekend.....or will that make it worse? heheheh Had her cleaned today :D See you later!!!
  14. Finally got my wheels :) :)

    Really Really nice! But I do agree needs lowering :)
  15. Indicator Issue

    Few people on here had the same problem didnt they? Anyone else get any better results?