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  1. My New St

    Not many threads on here Nigel to be honest as most are over on the Fiesta St owners club , i am on there now and you will get lots of info about st's on there . I am off to bed soon as got to get up early to give my car a quick wash before i go to coffee and cars at mountune tomorrow :)
  2. My New St

    I am 51 and hopefully getting the new focus RS next year :)
  3. My New St

    I am now over on the Fiesta St oc site which is a pay site that's why i disappeared off here , i now own an St3 fez and going to coffee and cars at mountunes hq tomorrow , it's gonna be a good day with loads coming from all over :)
  4. My St3 Is A Genetically Modified St2

    That could be an issue with insurance but also a headache for Ford as well as everyone would be blaming them for this fiasco !
  5. My St3 Is A Genetically Modified St2

    I am going to ask the dealer about a new sticker as it should read what we purchased which is an St3 , they have more clout with Ford than we do so we wait an see what the answer will be .
  6. My St3 Is A Genetically Modified St2

    Mine also says St2 on the sticker inside the door and on Etis , i brought this up before taking delivery as it was being discussed on the Fiesta St OC as well ! My salesman and dealer assured me that is it an St3 , but it only states that on my V5 Doc and invoice ? I have heard that Ford addressed this and any that come thru now show St3 on the sticker , i think it was the first ones to arrive that said St2 . I will add i felt i got ripped off by my insurance as i changed from an St2 to my St3 and the cost to change was £188.68 ? I thought they were confusing the Fiesta st3 thinking it was Focus St3 asking for that amount to change my insurance but they checked and said that's what we want to change over !!! Bang goes the idea of Mountuning mine now plus i got caught speeding 2 days before collecting my new car so all its been a bad experience buying mine but at least its running nice and better than my St2 was :)
  7. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    They are the same but no 2 cars drive the same , i have owned 2 puma's , 4 st170's and 2 St225's and they all drove different to the previous ones ! My new St has a lighter clutch and the gearbox is quieter and slicker than my St2 was , that was an early one and they do improve them as time goes on , don't get me wrong as my St2 was running really nice at the end before getting my new one and perhaps it is that new car feeling and thinking its smoother :)
  8. Nifty Little Feature

    I think they maybe only on the St3 or i could be wrong ? Most people who have brought St2's in the last couple of months have the old style ones with the bobble rubber grip still , i wasn't sure if i would like the new ones at first when i heard they were coming thru supplied with them on but i seem to drive smoother with them for some reason and like them now :) I remember when the Mk7 Fiesta came out in 2008 that sport pedals were a £50 option on the Zetec S then in 2009 they were fitted as standard as mine had them back then .
  9. Nifty Little Feature

    Not heard of that but will try it see to see if it's louder :) my St3 is louder than my St2 was and sounds better for some reason ? Forgot to say mine has the new style pedals which i prefer :)
  10. Nifty Little Feature

    We were only dicussing about global window closing yesterday on the ST Owners Club site , some have it and others don't ! Depends on spec and build date i think as i didn't have on my 2013 St2 . I have it on my St3 and my Dad has it on his Titanuim X Fiesta aswell and the puddle lights are so bright and come on when you turn the engine in the dark :) i go to work at 3.15am and find them very useful at that time of the morning and look nice against the white paintwork .
  11. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    Hi everyone , not been on here for a while . I just changed my year old St2 , build No #00126 for the UK market and she was showing 42 on the av trip with 10,679miles on the clock :) never gave me any problems and was trouble free motoring , the scuff plates worked fine and lit up ok and no clunking or clonking from gearbox like some have experienced only a slight clunk changing from 1st to 2nd which is normal , infact my gearbox got better and smoother as the miles went on . Now to to my new St3 that i picked up 3 weeks ago :) its better in many ways driving and handling seem nicer than my old St2 bieng slightly softer and not as harsh and the clutch an gearbox are lighter and smoother to use as is the brakes being slightly less grabby but equally as sharp as had to stand on them last week when 3 deer ran out in front of me . Its showing 40.5 mpg on the av trip in 900 miles so far running on Shell V-power Nitro and going up daily :) i worked it out manually as i always do and it's returning 38/39mpg just like my old st did so that's good for me with the miles i do travelling to and from work . I now use the cruise control mainly in the mornings on my new one as i set off to work at 3.15am so no traffic about on my my journey , i am in Essex and can go on 2 routes , one is the A12/M25 so for 23 miles or so on cruise control at 65/70mph or use A and B roads on a shorter slower route doing 30/40/50 and 60 mph with only 10miles of that using cruise control on the way to work . I do drive slower in the mornings and on my way home mid afternoon if i can do some spirited driving and still get good mpg and love listening to noise when pressing on :) big smiles :) Anyone going to the Ford Fair ? I am also a member on the St owners club and we have a large gathering and grouping of 35+ St's on our stand so should be fun and nice to see what people have done to there's modding :)
  12. 59 Zetec S To The New St - Worth The Switch?

    Hi Alex , just read this thread as not been on here for a while , i had a 59plate Zetec S and then moved onto the S1600 :) both were great cars with S1600 having a bit more power and luxuries but they don't compare or come close to the St ! I test drove a Focus St with the view of buying one but couldn't justify the price even with my Privilege Discount plus it's the 5 doors i don't like as in being sporty looking , i waited for the Fiesta St and was totally worth the wait without even test driving one as no Demos were available at the time as i ordered mine back in January taking delivery in mid April . I am just sitting on 1900 miles in mine so far as didn't use it much at first after being made redundant , now back working doing a 53 round trip to work and driving as if i am taking Miss Daisy out for a drive and returning good Mpg , on my present tank i have done 210miles with 279miles showing to end of range with the the average trip reading 47.9 Mpg so it quite good if you take it easy changing up at 2/2,500rpm and when you fancy a blast on boost you get the biggest grin on ya face and the sound is amazing :) Mine gets better with more miles getting looser as in gear change seems slicker and the engine getting livelier especially in 2nd and 3rd gear with great punch out of roundabouts with amazing grip , i run mine in sport mode with a bit of slip so get a slight bit of wheel spin in 2nd at high rev's or if the road is uneven , it handles like a go-kart and runs rings round most cars an suprises the bigger ones too as i raced an Audi S5 3.0 Tdi which has massive torque away from traffic lights , he got away sharp ish probably due to being an auto but i nearly had him but it went 2 lanes into 1 so i backed off ! If you can run to it and afford one then go for it and get one as its Fun Fun with big Smiles :)
  13. My New St2

    The flies were on mine from a blast on Friday an thought wait until my blast to see a mate yeterday an then clean it ! Its not worth it now as bumped in to the back of someone yesterday on a roundabout on my way out to see my mate so am well gutted as think it could be a long wait for the parts after waiting 10 weeks to get the car as its going need a new bonnet , bumper an both headlights as the front lugs have snapped off so both headlights are loose at the front . the lens didn't break but my pride is lol the guy in front moved onto the roundabout over the white line an then i see a gap but had my window down wen a 4x4 whizzed past me distracting me a bit blocking my vision to my right then bang i found the guy in front hesitated an had stopped on the roundabout its self ? My fault an just sat there with my hands over my face for a minute or 2 before pulling to a safe place to look at the damage and exchange details . My mate straightened the bonnet an we had to prise out the big mouth grille to get some broken plastic out from behind the grille an lucky for me the intercooler an rad are ok an not bent . Its looks worse than it is as theres a bigger gap between the headlight an the bonnet when you look side on , and the bumper has a big wide crack in it which i will put some white tape over once its been looked at for a damage estimate today . the lower grilles are fine as all the damage is on the top part of the bumper and leading edge of the bonnet so the stone chips it has also picked up are nothing to the 3 inch cracked paint where the bonnet bent down before my mate worked some magic on it . Well that's life i suppose or wrong place wrong time with only plastic an metal to repair . 8 weeks old with only 771miles on the clock also no job still after being made redundant with the car being my present after losing my job , saved up for 2 years for an focus st but knew job wasn't safe last year so held off for the fiesta also being cheaper , i got a nice redundancy payment in January after 15 years service an took the plunge to cheer my self up ordering my st , it only cost me £6,100 to change and is paid for . It might prove quicker to order a new car with them coming out quicker now than wait for the parts as i could afford another one cash just :D I wish i had stayed at home to clean the flies now than go out an prang the front of the car as can't clean the damage off !!!
  14. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    It was built 15 march , arrived at dagtops in Dagenham 23/24 march and sat there until 11 april due to delivery problems getting cars to dealers , i finally took delivery on the 15th april and total waiting time of just over 10 weeks .
  15. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    Hi Welshy , thanks for the nice comments :) i paid cash for my mine as saved up £11k over 2 years plus my s1600 was also finance free and got £9750 for that with a cash balance of £6100 for the St , please note i get ford discount off my dad so i save a further £1700 off the list paying under £16k :) I am enjoying the car very much and spent more time cleaning it than driving it , its only done 660miles in the 7weeks of ownership as i am currently looking for work as was made redundant 6 months ago , lucky i had savings and a good payout after 15 years service as i was going to wait abit longer before ordering but thought no i got to be one of the first ones getting it so took the plunge :)