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  1. New To The Forum

    Hiya, nice car, Im new on here too, happy foruming :)
  2. Helloooooo Newby Here!!!

    Thanks Dave and Clive :)
  3. New Ford Owner! Big Plans!!

    Nice car :) Mine has the black ST wheels but the centre caps are a pain in the butt, they like getting lost!!! Ive been given a few ideas on good ways to keep them put.....just gotta buy another set first :/ Happy motoring :)
  4. Evening All!

    Hiya, I started out with the 2003 Zetec then I had the 2006 Fiesta Ghia, then got rid of it for the 2009 Titanium. I much prefered my old Ghia, missed it so much and didn't like the titanium because of the fact I loved my Ghia so much. Replaced the Titanium for my ST500 and am very happy now. Happy Ford driving :) And happy forum posting :)
  5. Helloooooo Newby Here!!!

    Oh forgot to say....yeah I remember the days of the quivering leg....in my previous 3 other fiestas of course haha (bit of snobbery there hahaha)
  6. Helloooooo Newby Here!!!

    Haha yeah good point about the stripes :) Yeah it has heated seats and its got Bluetooth connectivity, don't know if they were optional extras or not as the car was 8 months old when I bought it. Life has never been quite the same since haha :D
  7. Helloooooo Newby Here!!!

    Haha yeah, , thats more like it!!
  8. Hello, New Focus Owner

    Hiya, Im new too. Im sure we'll be well looked after here, everyone seems cool B)
  9. Helloooooo Newby Here!!!

    Haha Thanks, yeah I am, not that I'm nosey or owt.....honest ;)
  10. Helloooooo Newby Here!!!

    Yeah I do attract boy racers, I think the ones who don't know what car it is think I might just have an ordinary Fiesta that I've our stripes on, its funny when you leave them standing at the lights Loads of people keep telling me to get the windows tinted put that white strip around the edges is one of my pet hates. I'm a fussy git :D I'm told the seats are made/styled by Ricaro, they're proper comfy and keep my bum warm with the heated function...always good on chilly mornings :D
  11. Helloooooo Newby Here!!!

    Thank you, he's my pride and joy, looking forward to the better weather then I can get the polish out, hate all this grit on the roads!! :D
  12. Helloooooo Newby Here!!!

    Yeah been having a nosey...erm I mean look haha Everyone seems to help each other out :)
  13. Helloooooo Newby Here!!!

    Hiya Thanks, haven't got a clue what Im doing yet but I'll get the hang of it :)
  14. Hi Everyone!

    Nice car....love the Zetec S and black....my favourite colour :)