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  1. Need Help Please

    Okay, so everybody is showing how they are modifying all they ford fiesta's... since I have a way of picking the most expensive websites I have now come to my fellow associates for help unfortunately.. okay so i've been drifting quite a while now in my ford fiesta and i had a crash and i repaired it without insurance for about £2000 so bit short on money but maybe you guys can send me some links of the materials i would like and the right fitting too please and also need you guy's and not guy's opinions on which alloy wheels to get which will make my car look more violent as a drifter.. http://www.wheelbase...loy_Wheels__548 this is what I was thinking? please look on the website and think what would look best and finally the parts im looking for my ford fiesta.. I have the Ford Fiesta MK6.5 Facelift 2007 1.25L Zetec (Style) in Blue I would like to change my interior dial colour from original green to blue I would like to find some good Neon lights for the under of my car and also a xenon light conversion.. legally to pass MOT and the bulbs size so i can buy the bulbs myself Thank you
  2. Exhaust Problem Or Not?

    Yes, sorry its a custom made straight through pipe 4" all the way
  3. Car Mods - What Floats Your Boat?

    I would put mods in this order: 1). A straight through pipe custom made cat-back exhaust so it can release the gases quicker and not damage the engine. 2). Nitrous kit for that moment when a bmw M3 pulls up along side you. 3). Remapping ECU for performance. 4). 4-2-1 Manifold (because its overall better than a good looking air induction kit which is tiny and most probably the wrong colour code that you want). 5). Fit a Turbocharger including a blow off valve as it has better forced air induction than (air filter/air induction kit). Haha i would have gone for neon lights but I would prefer to drive a car that is fast!! I couldnt imagine modifying your car with alloys, body kits and then it goes slower than a prius.
  4. Exhaust Problem Or Not?

    Hey, Recentely I have buy new exhaust custom made and when it was fitted on it sounded great and somehow added more torque and horsepower than i expected... anyways when i accelarate its sounds how it supposed to sound.. but as decelarate i have window open always... because i smoke.. i hear crackles and pops medium sound not very loud... and on down shift of gear it crackles a lot and when i go through a town it can become quite loud as i pass walls etc.. people look.. I dont like ya.. occasionaly get a big pop (no flash) it sounds like a firework but without the colourful flying things just sound I not sure if it is from drifting and revving to high but i definitely took it to check up and there is no faults with engine or anything so can it just be the exhaust? I made the size bigger so people with glasses can read :)
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Ibrahim :)