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  1. Hi I have a 2002 Mondeo, 108 Zuratec. I made the dreaded mistake of running out of petrol. I filled out with a can of petrol (around £5) and the engine is just turning over and over. Doesn't sound like starting. I have tried again this morning and it turned over for a while, to no avail, but now won't turn over and makes a clicking sound (the dash lights also flicker). So am assuming I have drained the battery. Any ideas at all. Have I probably sucked up all the rubbish from the bottom of the tank? Any suggestion would be appreciated thanks
  2. Hi can anyone tell me how to adjust the handbrake on my 1995 1.2 fiesta. I'm assuming its either under the car, or on the rear brake disk somewhere. many thanks
  3. Suspected Clutch/Gearbox problem - HELP!!

    Hi Dan No noises from the clutch pedal or clutch, but yes, the biting point is much lower than normal. When i pump the pedal up and down, it still appears to be normal in it's movement. The clutch hasn't been slipping, and have been no signs of anything wrong. It's just packed up!! Cheers
  4. Suspected Clutch/Gearbox problem - HELP!!

    Cheers for replying so quickly. At first I thought the cable may have snapped, but it still goes up and down fine. so it don't appear to be that. But as I mentioned, when you do put the car in gear and start the car, it creeps forward and you have to brake to keep it stationery. And also there is a whirring noise (bit like a noising thrust bearing), when the clutch is dipped after you start the car. Do you know if this car will have an automatic self adjusting clutch cable? cheers again
  5. Hi this is my first post. I have a 95, 1.25 fiesta. Have just driven down the road and the car sudenly won't go into another gear. Have had to turn car off in order to get it into another gear. Also, when the car is put into 1st gear, and I start the car, the car wants to creep along and also a slight whirring noise is coming from I suspect the gearbox. Anyone come across this before, as I haven't. the car has a full service history and has done 115K miles, but is in great condition mechanically. Any help greatly appreciated. thanks