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  1. Hello to you all... Just like to say that I'am a Huge fan of the styling of the Brand New Ford Mondeo :P What about you lot...? Yes or no.
  2. George. 1991

    Me :)

  3. George. 1991

    How Old Is Your Car In People Years?

    Hello to you all... Well my car age is 33.11 years old :) Mileage: 66421 Year of the car 2006. Doing well for owning the car for around 3 or 4 years now...
  4. Happy Birthday George. 1991!

  5. Happy New Year to you chaps. Okay thanks for the advise. Although today it's been working fine now so I,ll find some time for this year to sort it all out. I also gonna take my car some time to TCH in my local area to sort out the boot leakage problem when it rains!
  6. Hello...! (My topic can be a general question rather than just left side!) sounds daft but anyway's the rear left indicator light keeps cutting out. The Bulb is fine! I think it's the connection on the connector which is faulty so I tweak it with a flat blade screw driver and fitted back into the light box while running the engine on and turn left indicator on. works for a few seconds and cuts out and I tired doing it again, nothing.... Solutions...!? PS. been having this problem for some time and it's annoying me so much for other road users around me!!! George.
  7. George. 1991

    My Car!

  8. George. 1991

    Ford Fair 2014 - Who's Going List ?

    Hi all. Unfortunately I didn't go to today's Ford Fair because I didn't have enough friends to go with me... :( Hopefully I'll try next year...?
  9. George. 1991

    Ford Fair 2014 - The Stores.

    Phil. Do you how much the Ford Fair ticket will be on the day at the gates per person...?
  10. George. 1991

    K & N Filters.

    I'll try and find some info on the K&N Web site or what's best to read up about it if I don't have to tell my insurance company...?
  11. George. 1991

    Ford Fair 2014 - The Stores.

    Okay, thanks Phil...
  12. George. 1991

    K & N Filters.

    Okay. Thanks for the info James. :)
  13. George. 1991

    Ford Fair 2014 - The Stores.

    Hi... I might be going to this Ford Fair show soon, but that's another story...? What I'm really after is that I wanna do shopping for my car, rather than making life hard on ebay! Will there be stores selling parts such as the following... Sony Head unit, Carbon radio fascia and a spare back seat if possible...? and how will the guys at each stores will want payment...? Thanks...
  14. George. 1991

    K & N Filters.

    Hello all... Been reading about K & N Filters from one of my Top Gear's monthly magazine and read more about it on the internet about a month or so ago and want to be keen on buying one for my car... Can anyone find out for me if I need to contact my car insurance about fitting one...? I'm guessing more likely I that they'll say that I'll be modifying my vehicle...!? Thanks...
  15. George. 1991

    Ford Fair 2014 - Who's Going List ?

    I might go depends...? If I,am going I'll be there for sure but I don't want to be on the stands, Just wanna walk around & look. :) Regards. George.