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  1. Ha haa. Na, I'm one of those people that I want everything to be done perfectly without messing things up. I'd rather just simply solder the printed circuit board where the connection is loose from the cluster unit is, that's all there is to it really and you put it all back together and plug it back into your dashboard and reset the unit.
  2. Just for bit of an update news on my Car which is a 1.4 Petrol which is also 14 years old. Its now at a local TCH garage. But when I went in last night before rush hour traffic, they said for the first hour they were charging me £66 for the investigation and an further hour or so they are charging me £101.00, so My Dad was with me at the time and he said to the woman at the service Desk saying "***** Hell it's like BET365!!" Anyways more to the point, a very genuine guy came from the workshop to explain to me and my Dad the fault may could be some loose connection from the Cluster unit or loose wires etc (as where I live the roads are just BAD and Bumpy as hell). So I let him carry on with the job within his hand for the time being I will have to see what the other or some verdict be for tomorrow or Friday for me to pick it up without them charging me even more money, robbing sods. Oh plus another thing that was so cheeky the woman mentioned to me and my Dad from last night was that my car is 14 years old you should just scrap it. I was thinking in the back on my mind saying Er No...! Just so frustrating!
  3. Hi Kevin. Interesting, this is also happening to me as well... where about's is the throttle cable is located say on my car on a 2006 Focus...? I have booked my car to go into a TC Harrisons Ford Garage in my local town next week on Tuesday to have looked into. I'm just hoping I don't have to pay too much at a cost of an arm and a leg 😭 .
  4. Hello. Does anyone know how to edit or/and delete photo's in your own albums section in my profile account...?
  5. Hello to you all to those who might be reading this...? I own a 2006 LX Ford Focus 1.4 Petrol. More to the story, If for anyone had a similar problem with their Cluster Unit having a intermittent fault with all the lights coming on and can't start the engine etc. Simply because this has happened on my car so far this week and its been so frustrating all the along. So I thought I better dig-in and I went on Youtube and I have found this 😊
  6. That's cool, a very useful link 🙂 Thank you Nick.
  7. I have tried playing with both outside and inside door handles and the door does not open at all, like no joke. So what your saying is, that will I have to for example take off the door interior panel to get to the locking mech...?
  8. Hello. Can anyone kindly help me out here...? I want to be able to fix a rear left passenger side door on my Mother's 2005 Mondeo Hatchback in which no longer opens from the outside and inside of the car. Any solutions...? Thanks.
  9. That's Shocking on your 2010 Focus! you should do it because its got a trip computer on your dash and it tell you when your car needs a service.
  10. Hello to you all. I have recently serviced my car the other day and changed oil and oil filter etc. My car is a very Basic 2006 1.4 Petrol LX model. On my dashboard it only has the mileage clock and the distance clock. Today have just done the procedure for a oil reset inside of my car and it hasn't done anything??? Do I need to do a oil rest on my car at all after a service...??? Thank you.
  11. Hi Guys Managed to get a quote from TC Harrison Ford Centre Derby today for a Cambelt + water pump at £439.00 & I have just booked my car in for tomorrow to have it all done by via Professionals, so Happy days.
  12. Hi Alan. Don't know because I wasn't with him at the time since he had it done at his brother's Garage up in York. George.
  13. Hi Alan. At the moment in time I'm currently waiting for a quote on how much it will cost me to get it done at a garage...? My Dad had recently had a cam belt changed on his 2008 Mondeo and paid £500.00 to get it done! I was like What!? lol
  14. Did I hear a baby crying in the back ground towards the end of that video clip!? Anyways, nice trick.