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  1. Dash Squeak

    You'll be pleased to know..... you wont be covered for it under warranty :) Trim is only 1 year, nice to know Ford have faith in their products eh
  2. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    Exactly, so there is clearly a fault that they should rectify, warranty or no. I get that they only cover certain things but those parts should of been 'engineered' to last far longer than they have.
  3. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    Nope had the final response from CRC, they still 100% refuse to do anything. Time to go further up the food chain, CAB have given me some useful information also.
  4. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    Thanks, they tried that but it didn't solve the issue. Just waiting to hear on the steering wheel, I don't really like their attitude of 'NO!'. Thanks mate, may need to take you up on that offer soon... *bleep* ers lol
  5. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    Nope Ford CRC are flat out refusing to sort anything, despite the fact it's not normal for it to happen they are sticking to the 1 year warranty and will not do anything for me... CAB here I come
  6. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    The dealership tried to fix the petrol cap but still doesn't work and they said 'Oh the steering wheel is wear and tear so Ford won't pay for that'. We'll see about that sunshine :)
  7. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    I've had problems sometimes with the metal cap inside and trying to push the petrol nozzle in, a bit of 'force' normally works for mine. It's not very well thought out back there =/
  8. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    It's just on the right hand side of the wheel the top half, it's not THAT bad on the steering wheel but I know overtime it is going to get far worse and give it a few months to a year it's going to look awful. The petrol cap thing is a real pain in the behind, pull up to a petrol station and when we had the cold weather I could not open it, now that the weather is a bit better it's still bad and fails to open/close properly
  9. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    Thanks for that :) I won't be... Ford fob you off everytime there is an issue well, no longer!
  10. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    They were the ones who told me no as well as the dealership lol If they really want a big !Removed! complaint over a petrol cap/steering wheel I really don't mind doing it, why should I pay for their faults? If my car had done 90,000 miles yeh I'd agree perhaps
  11. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    Fed up with Ford, second car I've had in a number of years that when it's needed something doing I've come up against a brick wall. Gesture of good will? No it's not.. fix the shoddy job you made in the first place.
  12. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    My car is a 2011 fiesta, the petrol cap jams and sticks making it difficult to open it and difficult to close and also my steering wheel is starting to peel and has been rubbed almost smooth/shiney. Ford said.. as the car is over a year old now it isn't covered even though the car has only covered 9000 miles.. It's a joke really, both components are going to be used heavily during the life span of the car yet both have issues and fords stance is 'Your not covered'. I've spoke to CRC but all they hint at is they 'may' make a 'good will' gesture towards it but they will not guarantee anything. All they say is.. well the mechanical/electrical components are covered for 3 years.. never mind if the entire shell of the car around it rattles, bangs, clunks, falls apart.... (as an example of course). Thanks Ford.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums kalo88uk :)