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  1. Ford Focus 07 Keyfob Problem

    Thanks for the reply, I tried what u suggested but still no joy, I'm thinking the same about a sensor fault somewhere but surely if there was a fault, when I press the button on the fob I wouldn't get the chime, this must indicate communication between the fob and the sensor? By sensor fault do you mean the fob or the mechanism that recieves the signal inside the car? Also even tho my key buttons now work do you think the chip inside fob could still be faulty? I seem to have absolutely no luck with cars, thought I'd go ford this time and over the past 3 years it's brought me nothing but grief, great to drive tho ;-)
  2. Ford Focus 07 Keyfob Problem

    Hi everyone. I have a problem with my key fob, I thought the battery was dead so I changed it..still didn't work. Tried reprogramming as per manual 4x 0 to 2 within 6 seconds and I get the initial beep from the dash then I pressed button on fob, and no beep! So I done a google search, seemed like faulty fob so I sent my key away to get repaired on eBay, cost £14 and got it back today. Now when I do the reprogramming I get 1st beep then when I press the fob I get another beep...whala!! NOT! The central locking still doesn't work :-( does anyone have any idea of what to do next ???? Thanks in advance. Focus 2007 1.6 petrol Zetec
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Davemac82 :)