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  1. Mk 2.5 1.6 Tdci Vent Woosh/turbo?

    Just to update on this; Had a growing amount of black smoke on power, bit of oil in the exhaust tip; Retraced the EGR Blanking Plate fitting and found that the plate had dropped out slightly, leaving it half open half closed; REMOVED EGR plate, put all back together; Black Smoke stopped - still a little on a good thrash however it's getting less and less so I think its just the !Removed! in the exhaust; Car is seriously down on power now, have to change down a lot to make it up even shallow hills. Will go fine when up to speed but struggles up to 70. No other obvious problems, no leaks around the injectors, bit of oil around the PCV valve but I changed the O ring and it stopped. Should the Turbo be spinning ALL the time? engine was running whilst I had the airbox pipe/pcv pipe off and its spinning fast on idle. I've read a few things about turbo solenoid/vaccum valve or something but not sure what I'm looking for there. Again, cheers for any input on this guys.
  2. Mk 2.5 1.6 Tdci Vent Woosh/turbo?

    Sooooo! Was without the car for a week, got back in it and noise still present. Had previously ordered an EGR Blanking plate so figured whilst looking for signs of EGR cooler cracks as Simcor suggested, I'd Fit it. Process went ok (I'll post more about it in specific thread) - But now the noise that this topic is about has GONE. Yep, Nothing. The only thing I'm curious about is that the car doesnt feel any better, there was a fair bit of smoke, more than usual, on first and second start, But I'm not sure if this is just because it's 'different' or somethings wrong. But Either way, the woosh noise has gone. Will update if anything changes but thanks all for your input!
  3. Mk 2.5 1.6 Tdci Vent Woosh/turbo?

    sound up, or headphones in to hear it better (it really sounds louder in the car) - can hear it between 4-7 seconds on the first rev. Havent had a good chance to look at car today, only noted that the front of the intercooler isnt in great shape, no obvious problems though, will try and get it all off tomorrow to check. Cheers guys
  4. Mk 2.5 1.6 Tdci Vent Woosh/turbo?

    This happens even when the heater/air is off though - and it only started a few weeks back - athough you have got me wondering now. Will take a video later today and post it so you can hear if its what yours do. Cheers for replys
  5. Mk 2.5 1.6 Tdci Vent Woosh/turbo?

    Small update. Have been through ALL the intercooler pipes, both sides, no splits, eveything fitted fine. Changed the O Ring on the PCV valve. There is a fair bit of sludgy oil in the pipe marked "6K683A". Have checked the air con pipes/heater vent pipes and no splits tears there atall. Tomorrow I will check the filters in the turbo oil feed banjo bolts. Does anyone know if the filter/bolt is available on its own from Ford? Cheers
  6. Hey All. Recently my 1.6 TDCI 2008 mk 2.5 90ps developed a "woosh" of air, through the air con vents, only when the turbo spools up. I've done a lot of reading and it seems that this is normally down to a split in one of the intercooler pipes. There was a lot of oil/residue on the bottom intercooler pipe where it meets the longer metal pipe, so I ordered a changed the following; (The ones with the red arrows pointing to them - uprated silicone ones) Whilst changing I inspected the longer metal pipe, (the one that bolt HB1 goes into in the picture) and didnt find any cracks or splits. I did get another one from the scrappy but it looked in worse condition than the one I had so I kept my one on. Test drove and fault still there. Short history of car is two weeks after I bought it the engine block cracked and it had a donor engine which was on 25k when fitted. Car milage is 100k, engine would be roughly 60k by now. Turbo doesnt have any play in it (only checked the airbox side, not overly confident messing with the turbo) but does have a bit of wet oil around where it met the pipe. Any clues as to where I should look next - I've no idea if this turbo was on the donor engine when fitted, and I wouldnt trust the word of the garage that fitted it even if they knew. The wooshing noise in the vent I can actually live with, just dont want it to develop into something fatal. Cheers for any input/ideas!
  7. Update: This is now resolved, for information (google searches) The part from ford is "6043 engine mount mounting bracket" which is £163 + vat, delivered next day, although they did offer 10% off if i waited for delivery (5-7 days) Didn't fancy paying that SO Theres 4 bolts to remove this part, no need to remove belt cover although reinstall would be easier if it was. Process was; Remove power steering fluid tank (2 torx bolts) Remove and cable tie up the expansion tank (this just pulled off the mounts with no bolts holding it in) Support engine at the sump on jack with block of wood on top to spread weight. Mark out engine mount position on wing. Remove 2 bolts from engine mount. Raise jack to take more engine weight. Remove 2 nuts over the top of the bracket studs. Raise engine so that the mount is around 1" of frame. Remove mount from bay. There are 4 bolts securing the bracket to the block, a long bar was needed to crack these off. Removed them very slowly as wary that the thread was part of the block so stripping them would of been a nightmare. There was quite a lot of crap in the back of the bracket so I was careful to not let this drop onto the belt. I paid a local engine rebuilders £30 to remove the snapped stud and re thread the bracket. All went back together fine (NB. there are 2 locators on the back of the bracket to make sure it goes back in straight) all thread locked and nipped up to respective torques.
  8. Hey All. 2008 MK 2.5 1.6TDCI (90) 86k Miles (Block changed at 71k w/ 26k Block) Yesterday morning I hit some standing water at about 50mph (In the bottom of a dip), Car didnt stop and everything carried on as normal. Parked up at work for 10 hours, Returned to car and on moving off there was a loud "Clunk", got out and had a look round, couldnt see anything obvious. Replicated the noise by moving of moderate/fast speed, fast cornering also produced a noise similar to the tyre rubbing on something (they arn't). Driving properly produces no noise or clunk at all. Had the car up this morning, can replicate noise by spinning wheels, noise coming from n/s drive shaft area. Checked brakes/roll bars/track rods/springs/shocks. Believe I've found the culprit here; Sadly, it looks like the stud has sheered off below the level that I could get anything on it to remove (I havent tried as I want to get parts before removing anything) So, if anyone knows and would be so kind; 1. What is the part called/Part number for the bit that the stud goes in to? 2. How is said part attached? It looks like 3ish bolts but I have a feeling there may be more under the belt cover. 3. Is it wise/advised to change the actual mount as well as this part? 4. I think the actual clunk I'm hearing is, since the mount has snapped, there has been some movement and this is causing the drive shaft to move around on cornering/heavy driving. Will this sort itself when fixing the mount situation or will work be required on the drive shaft. Cheers for any help!!
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums lgr5 :)