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  1. While sitting in a traffic jam today I was messing around with the consumption computer. When I held the S button down for >4 seconds the computer constantly bleeps and shows all segments of the lcd display. If you keep pressing S you seem to get a load of extra data including what looks like remaining fuel in LTR and Gallons, something that might be pressure in the manifold, and a few others that I have no idea on. Any knowledge of this anyone?
  2. It could be a faulty injector or loose valve clearance?
  3. Yes. It's a diesel. They do rattle a bit, although not as much as earlier diesels did.
  4. Thanks for that. I suppose it was about a year of crap on it!
  5. I have just replaced the accessory belt on my tdci Focus and noticed the oil filter looks like it has not been changed in ages. As Ford mechanics would never consider not changing the filter I was wondering how often they are supposed to be replaced? Shall I give the engine a flush do you think?
  6. Perfect timing for your post, mine is leaking on the return stroke and will need to be done next week. Thanks for the info.
  7. ~I would find out what exactly is wrong with the engine IE broken rings, valve seats burnt , cracked head etc. Then go to a garage who wants to fix your car and ask them for a quote?
  8. Exactly what mine does. I have disconnected but not removed the EGR and although smoother on acceleration still makes little boost until normal temperature is reached. I put this down to programing.
  9. Mine is down on power until the temperature gauge gets to half way. Are the turbo pipes tight?
  10. Sorry that is what I meant, the standars filter is restricted.
  11. I had an Audi engine that did this. Trouble was when the valve opened it stuck open resulting in next to no oil pressure at idle.
  12. Thanks SieraYankee, I take it the air filter is a slight restriction then? Is there a site you could recommend that do the chip upgrades? Thanks. Simon
  13. I am looking for a cheap way to get some more power from the focus 1.8 tdci and have seen a number of in line boxes that install between the fuel pressure sensor and the ECU. There are a number of them for sale on the famous auction site but is there a better option without spending more than £100?