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  1. Plenty online about this but not for a mk3. Just wanted to run a few things past you guys.... Car's done 85k, 50 with me. Never had anything engine related wrong with it, and semi regularly serviced by Ford but only the older vehicles service (oil and filter, pollen or air). Done about 600 miles at the weekend, about 100 in I felt a series of misses under acceleration in 5th or 6th on the motorway. Pulled into lane 1 and got my bearings and everything seemed fine, so carried on. It's missed quite a few times since, usually under acceleration and is generally a bit crap - flat spots, not smooth with the power. It's also done 500 miles since, and has no codes at all, no warnings etc. This leads me to believe it could be the fuel filter - which may not have ever been changed, or at least not for 50k. Could maybe be the HP fuel pump, but I would have expected a bigger disaster than what I currently have. The car also, and has always, regened the DPF seemingly very regularly - so could this also be that a clean is required - do the DPF cleaners actually work? Turbo pipes seem ok, and no whistling. Could be injector related (yikes) and I'll stick some cleaned in there too, any other cheap fixes I can try? Thanks!
  2. **This may not be useful information** When I was playing about with LED bulbs, I had a problem where once the dash decided there was a dipped beam fault, even changing the bulb back wouldn't fix the issue. I had to shut the car down, lock up etc in order to I assume reset the system. Might be unconnected, just adding my 2p.
  3. Hey all, Anyone have a finis code for the mirror assembly on the drivers side. Struggling to google it. Titanium, so powerfold, puddle and I believe/assume heated. (Not glass, not the coloured bit, just the textured surround/main bit! Thanks!
  4. Not a broken spring (on mine anyway, can't speak for @Skybanger ) but still pretty sure we're talking about the same thing here. It's wayyyyyy lighter sounding that a spring - it sounds closer to a stone being stuck in the tyre (but isn't). A tinny noise.
  5. I'd be amazed if I didn't have the exact same problem. It's light sounding, like rattling a hamster cage door (no idea why that sound came to me!)?? No idea what it is, it's only passenger side, you can only hear it with the window open and it doesn't get better or worse - and only over bumps? I wondered about the brake caliper/pad metal cage thing but it seems fine. Anyone? Really don't think it's ESP related....
  6. Difficult to know - I’ve upgraded to the nav screen about a year ago and I’m quite happy to faff with stuff (I have the Russian pcm hack chip to allow generic rear view cameras!), but I was told even BTVC to sync 1 was a massive job. so it sounds like it’s a no for my vehicle still - but I have to say I’m massively impressed with your efforts. Looks awesome!
  7. Does the parts list at the top only work for Sync 1 - Sync 2/3 conversion? Do I need much more to go from BT/VC to Sync 2/3? I wasn't aware it was possible previously but I've not looked for a while.
  8. I have a 2012 2.0 TDCI - the 140 version. Performance wasn't exactly great on mine either, but a Blufin helped that. Just doesn't feel smooth, but I've got over the disappointment and just live with it now.
  9. I take it you've checked the black plug on the top of the compressor? Mine fell apart inside. Hitting it with a stick worked for a bit, then I gave in and fixed it properly. Just a thought...
  10. It's alright. Apparently its Tomtom maps, and its accurate and fairly up to date if you get the latest card (~£50 on ebay). It's very blue, but has TMC Traffic. Fastest, shortest, eco route etc. It's alright. The voice is annoying but can be muted (and remembers on power off). Proper tomtom on a phone is far better, but built in looks cool
  11. I had a couple of mk1s. One mk1, one mk1.5 diesel with climate control. For whatever reason, the Mk1 with "manual" air con was always ridiculously cold. Never found a car with better to be honest. I loved them :) Shouldn't have got rid of the 52 plate when I did - clutch pedal was leaking fluid and used it as an excuse to trade in! It's still on the road!
  12. vibeone


    It's exactly the same for me. Sometimes the registration search doesn't appear - but its always been a bit flakey. Logging in usually works, and you can register as an IO (independent operator?) for free, and see all the 'minor features' as described above.
  13. The connector is FAKRA you are correct, but the halfords Sonichi plug does fit (you just push it into the fakra and it fits snuggly - just remove very carefully! Absolute steal at that price (£12.75? with our discount), and I know it works becuase I have it on my car. Reception is about the same as the original (I installed it because of a problem with my OEM-DAB reception, but it turned out not to be aerial related). BTW, do you need a modified cable for FoCCCus? I can't remember, since I have one anyway, but is BCM/IPC HS or MS? Technically you only need to update the IPC I believe, since the BCM is a backup, but I guess that's extremely bad practice!
  14. Indeed, and just to confirm, if you don't do this, it'll just not appear on the radio sub menu, and won't cycle with each radio hardware button press. It just disappears, exactly as you describe. The good thing is, it's a nice easy fix - but you will need a ELM327 cable and FoCCCus.