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  1. Help! Starting Problems!

    yeah he is doing the clutch too. To be honest im really not sure if they checked the pump too, i will definitely ask. I will also get them to check the glow plugs, i didnt realise that would cause the smoke, last time there was a problem with the glow plugs it came up on the dash saying engine systems fault or something like that and it put the car into a kind of safe mode, it didnt have problems starting. But when that happened no one could seem to find the fault and i ended up having to take it to ford. Thanks very much for the tips guys :)
  2. Help! Starting Problems!

    Thanks very much :)
  3. Hi everyone, i wonder if anyone can give me any help or advice please? I drive a Focus 1.8 TD 2006, the car has been having some intermittant starting problems, its turning over and on the occasions it does start its kicking out some white smoke. The car has just been serviced and had a new fuel filter fitted shortly after. Turns out i need a new fly wheel which is getting fitted next week, this had caused some iron filings to be covering the crank sensor but that has been changed and its still the same. The injectors have been tested and seem fine. Im a stupid girl and dont really know much about cars ha ha they guy who is fitting the fly wheel is at a lose end and cant figure out why it might be doing it. Hellllllppppp. Thanks :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Sam.b :)