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  1. Happy Birthday rusty fez!

  2. How Much should I be paing to have clutch replaced guys/gals?
  3. Sooty Show Development

    Morning Folks.The saga with my smoky fez goes on.Got no real satisfaction relating to the smoking and lack of power from day one of owning this car. the 3 month used car warranty (from a Ford dealer-who shall remain nameless-unless I get really !Removed! off then everybody can know their name!)expires in a fortnight I took it to another local dealership who,after charging me for the pleasure,diagnosed a possible cracked inlet manifold.I am now taking this to the dealer who sold me the car and they are going to sort. My only concern is I got the following response from the Garage - "you do realise that this may not be covered under your warranty" Firstly, can someone tell me how much it would cost to have the manifold replaced and if I have to pay for the work have I got any recourse to complain to Ford about it? I have returned this car twice over the last 8 weeks to complain about the problem and I now have a nasty taste in my mouth (unless that s the soot coming through the vents!) As this car has come through a recognised Ford dealership do I have anybody at Ford I can moan at should I get no satisfaction over this matter? Rant over
  4. Sounds For The Fezza!!

    Good afternoon.Sorry for being thick but can you wire an apple I pod in to my 2006 fez? It does supposedly have an MP3 function (slots on dashboard)but I have no appropriate way of connecting up (sounds like a life lesson for me!!) Cheers.
  5. Good afternoon.My good Lady runs a 1.6 petrol Zetec (2009) Whilst it is a nice motor to drive but it is rather thirsty It only averages (according to the trip computer around 33 mpg but I suspect even that is optimistic)It is used for mixed driving, not just town work so I find this a bit rubbish.So bad I am consideing buying an A%*"^a! Is this common for this year focus or is there something I can do? It is never thrashed (never seen 90 mph)and not seen 3500 rpm through the gears either. I suspect Ford have added all the bells and whistles on this car and made it considerably heavier whilst sticking with the old 100 bhp zetec engine.We owned a 2002 mk 1 Focus and that was at least 5 mpg better with better performance.
  6. Will The Fez Ever Pull Me Out Of Bed??

    Thanks-what will it cost in terms of MPG reduction (I know that sounds boring-but hey thats why we bought diesels in the first place?)
  7. Good evening.Any body got any suggestions how to get a bit more oomph out of my ickle 1.4 tdci Fez.I really wanted to buy the 1.6 version but there aint many around that have'nt been to the moonn and back already so I had to settle for the 1.4.I am led to believe I can get hold of some wonderful piece of magic " chip" that could boost me ponies up to 80- 85 which would certainly help.Where do I buy this magical chip and do they really work-or is it just an electronic go faster stripe?
  8. The Sooty Show!!

    thanks for advice-really useful.Cure for back ache-alchohol.Thats my words of wisdom for today!
  9. The Sooty Show!!

    Good God I thought I would be on my own at tis time of day!! Thanks for the info -It has had new oil and filters (air and fuel too)and does not seem to be burning oil.Had a weeks holiday where it stood around for a couple of days - tick over was a bit lumpy for a little while on start up from cold but when used daily this does not happen.There does appear to be a small diesel leak from left hand side of engine -injector seal? could that be source of problem or is that a seperate issue?
  10. The Sooty Show!!

    I have recently purchased a 2006 1.4 tdci Fieta rreplacing my trusty "rusty fez" which was the old 1.8 tdi. Whilst I am really pleased withe the car in terms of economy(60+ mpg),quietness, blah, blah I am not happy about the soot!The car has obviously been pootling around for the last couple of years as it has done very little mileage between last two MOTs.I initially thought it just needed a clear out so I have given it some stick on my regular 25 mile commute on the M1 and also treat her to regular feeds of Redex thinking it may be the injectors that were a bit grubby.I am getting black deposits on the bumper around the exhaust (looks lovely against the light blue paint) and there is lots of soot in the engine bay (all aroung the air filter housing particularly.I also get some hesitation on acceleration aroung 2500 rpm and then a big cloud of black smoke as the engine picks up again.The car is under a 3 month warranty from a local Ford dealer so I will get it sorted but I would like some advice as to what the issue is so I dont get fobbed off .I am also enjoying the recent good weather and my new fez is starting to create its own micro climate. Apologies for anyone who lives between J28 and J25 on the M1-have you noticed it always seems to be cloudy?? Anybody got any answers for me-nothing too technical please -I do have a tendency to glaze over with teccy talk.Cheers.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums rusty fez :)