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  1. jeebowhie, all these while it is working fine. Mondeo TXS 2.2; treid and too bad it doesn't work for me. found this online from taklford.com http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/199806-mk4-fuel-filler-flap-jammed/ managed to find the electronic module that control the latch to lock the cap and managed to remove it, now I can open and close to cap, just can't lock it.
  2. Yes, confirm is full unlock, as I did not set the anti hijack mode on.
  3. My Mondeo Ecoboost 2012 fuel filler cap jammed today, can't open.... Anyone facing the same problem before? Any solution? thank you
  4. My Mondeo Ecoboost 240 average 9.6L/100KM or 24.5mpg so far Age: 8 months old Mileage: 25,854KM Service: Twice at 10K & 20K Mod: stock standard except on K&N air filter
  5. does this procedure work with push start button?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums tbw :)