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  1. Glow Plug Light

    hi folks, I recently had the problem of the glow plug light flashing and then engine dies after switching ignition off for a few min it starts and runs with no problems for about 60 miles then acts up again. I took car to garage and they diagnosed camshaft sensor fault they changed this but once again 80 down the road same problem anyone else had this problem any help will be usefull
  2. Well guy's thanks for all the advice I looked at all the pros and cons and got a good deal from the garage DMF kit £350 6 hours labour to fit all for £645 inclusive of vat great deal I thought car running great now. thanks to Jason of JRC motors Sandhaven Aberdeenshire great guy
  3. I recently had the misfortune of the dual mass flywheel on my 1.8 tdci collapsing and I wondered about changing to solid mass flywheel. Anybody out there tried this??? Thought Please
  4. Help!!!!

    Many thanks for reply i'll get filters today n do the job
  5. Help!!!!

    I recently bought a 03 Focus 1.8 TDCi 115 it has started giving probs. The glow plug light on dash flashes then it starts to slow down and then concks out but starts no problem and runs for about 50 miles and dose the same again. I don't know when it last had a service but had a look at the air filter and it hasent been change for long enough so I expect the fuel filter will be the same could this be the solution to my problem needs a good service?????
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Kadan II :)

    1. Kadan II

      Kadan II

      Thanks Steve hopefully I might get some answers to the questions I have about the focus I bought recently