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  1. Hmm I replied earlier but it disappeared. I won't be able to afford a new fiesta with 20% on top of the internet prices. What's the best place for Ford discounts? autoebid seem to be well regarded and will price match. But I may be looking at a second hand car if I can't find a decent discount.
  2. Hi. I'm looking to purchase a Ford fiesta titanium from drivethedeal.com and noticed on this page: www.drivethedeal.com/buy-a-new-car/ford/fiesta+hatchback/index.html At the top it says: "ALL MODELS (except Studio model): Our quotes are for cars that will be registered to small companies or self employed individuals who are VAT registered. " But at the bottom it says: "NOTE: ALL FORDS ORDERED WITH US WILL BE SUPPLIED BRAND NEW. YOU WILL BE THE FIRST REGISTERED KEEPER. SOME COMPANIES ARE OFFERING PRE-REGISTERED CARS. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT BUY ONE. PLEASE SEE THE NOTE ON OUR PRE-REGISTERED CARS PAGE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. " So I'm confused as to whether I will be the first person on the v5 or not?
  3. Newbie - Titanium X Question ?

    Hi chilks. I think I'm gonna go down the same route as you. How do you find the 17" wheels? Do you feel every bump with the skinny tyres?
  4. Newbie - Titanium X Question ?

    I asked New Car Discount if the dress up kit could be added in the factory or at a dealership bodyshop. Their response: " the kit cant be added to other models at the factory or by the dealer so if its not an option on a titanium x spec you have to build this spec up with any options available ." Now I'm even more confused!
  5. Newbie - Titanium X Question ?

    I'm pretty loyal to Ford, but after the way I was treated today I'm leaning to the new Clio. You can have pretty much whatever you like in that thing. The online build your own thing is excellent.
  6. Newbie - Titanium X Question ?

    Just been down to my local dealership. they were useless. Not a sole in there. Just a load of sales people at the door waiting to pounce. The told me the dress up kit isn't an option on the Titanium X, which we knew anyway, and "why don't you just get the titanium then?". I asked if someone could find out if it's in any way possible to get the kit on the titanium X, whether as an option or accessories. "probably won't be able to find out" was the response. He said he would try, but he was busy. Might be busy Until Thursday. So with that I left and let them all carry on with their conversation that rudely interrupted.
  7. Newbie - Titanium X Question ?

    Seems to be the only way :-( Think I'll go to my local dealership today and see what they can do. Maybe they could add the kit themselves for a fair price, if it cannot be done in the factory.
  8. Newbie - Titanium X Question ?

    I've run into this problem also. I don't understand what's going on! I'm not spending £17k on a car and to not be completely happy. In the brochure it says this of the dress up kit: "Option on Zetec and Titanium, standard on Zetec s. Also available separately as accessories." So does that mean we could buy the kit after purchase and install it ourselves? It's crazy. I want half leather seats and a dress up kit. I want to give Ford my hard earned cash. But Ford won't let me because there isn't a box to tick on their screen!
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums flemmo :)