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  1. Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 2002 Pcv Valve Location

    Sorry to wake the zombie threads but I came across the answer to this today. It is part and parcel of the High Pressure Fuel Pump. You can't get it on its own. Source: 2002-08 Haynes Manual.
  2. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec Stuttering Problems, Loss Of Power

    Happy 2014 y'all... I was trawling this thread due to some similar issues and found out a couple of pertinent points from my Haynes manual. Thought I'd enrich the thread a bit for those who follow after me and hit this post on google just as I did. Only the 1.6 model has a TMAP. It is blanked off in all the others. The PCV (Pressure Control Valve) is integral to the Fuel Pump. If the value is knackered, you can't get it on its own.Cheers
  3. Please Help!!!! I Need My Engine Code

    Sorry to wake the Zombies but I have just had this problem and finally cracked it. The engine code for my 1.4 Zetec TDCi was on my V5 under "Variant", which was under "D.2 Type". For me it was a F6JB1. Hope this helps someone as my cambelt sticker had also perished and bugger it if I was going to get all Reservoir Dogs in my engine bay for a ruddy code!
  4. Name That Part / Why Is It Hot?

    Thanks chaps. Think you've nailed it in two but I'll grab a snap and add it to the thread!
  5. Evening chaps, The missus has been complaining that the cabin is a bit Diesel'y recently, so I went out this afternoon with my Torx screwdriver and large cup of tea to investigate. After going through service history for my 2005 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDci (facelift), I drew a quick conclusion that the Pollen Filter probably hadn't been changed for years. However, when I took the two fascia plates off in the passenger footwell, I quickly found that there was just a big hole with no filter in there to greet me! While I was down there (still unable to find the chuffing Diesel smell she was whinging about) I noticed (or rather my scolded elbow noticed) that whatever is right in front of the pollen filter (with the black plastic cover on it) was notably hot. Based on my vague description, can anybody suggest to me what the hot component is? Looking straight on to the console, it looks like it sits diagonally downwards/behind the AC switches. From what I can see, the car has not had a pollen filter for about 13/14 months, so I am unsure if any crap from outside has caused whatever the mystery component is to get hot? On the smell front, the car did a rather impressive Diesel wee earlier in the year thanks to a knackered Fuel Rail Sensor and pretty much everything in the engine bay has remained caked since. I am guessing (please do correct me if I am wrong) that the nasty smell is probably linked to an increase in the use of the A/C, the fumes getting dragged into the cabin and no filter being in there to block it? I reached this conclusion because the only Diesel smell I can find is when I get up right up close to the Fuel Filter (6 months old) when the lid is popped and I haven't noticed any drop in Fuel efficiency. Thanks chaps, Aaron
  6. Can You Identify This Mod?

    Forgot to post the conclusion to this one. So, it was a fleabay tuning box. Whoever fitted it also fitted a custom fuel rail plug. I took it to a decent non-dealer I know who got it up on the ramps and confirmed it. He then rang around Ford and found that they don't do the plug on its own? Thankfully he recognised that it is a DV4 block so was able to source the plug from Peugeot. Fitted it, sorted. Thought I'd put the answer up as I don't think its terribly common knowledge that Peugeot do a fuel rail sensor plug that fits the Fiesta.
  7. Can You Identify This Mod?

    Ok chaps, an update on this one. Took the battery out and found the connector to the Pressure Sensor and red plug. Removed both. Tried to plug the Red plug directly into the pressure sensor (as I assume it used to be) but the plug doesn't fit? I am meant to plug the red plug in directly and that is where it originally came from isn't it? Or can anyone out there confirm a suspicion that not only is the Tuning Box an aftermarket part, but maybe some of these things come with a replacement Sensor with a slightly different plug? The car is currently stuck in Limp mode :(
  8. Fit Instrument Cluster From Petrol Car To Diesel Car?

    I took it out and it looks like it is all LEDs? (for the backlight) I can see where some have blown. The thing misreports the speed and the Diesel too - the needles 'slip' after a few drives. It's the left dial that lights up for me. The computer doesn't (text but no backlight) and the right side are dark. All the LEDs work for the icons, though. Is there no need for the replacement dash to be coded into the ECU or immobiliser anything like that?
  9. My dials are knackered (only half lights up) and I've seen some available for a reasonable price. Only problem is that they have come from a petrol model. Can I simply plug them into my Diesel and they'll 'take' and report the correct mileage from my ECU? Mine's a 1.4 TDCi Fiesta (facelift)
  10. Can You Identify This Mod?

    Thanks. I think it is one of these: http://www.tdi-tuning.co.uk/car_and_van_diesel_tuning_boxes/ford/fiesta/14_tdci_67_bhp__68_ps__50_kw/crtd_diesel_tuning_box_ford_fiesta_14_tdci_67_bhp_68_ps_50_kw_P318.html Thanks to the nice cheesy man in the tight Polo shirt in the video at the end, I think I know what I need to do to lose the magic box.
  11. Can You Identify This Mod?

    Hi forum, I've recently come into ownership of a 55 Fiesta 1.4 Tdci, which has just come back from its service. The mechanic asked me 'what sort of electronics you have under the hood because it seriously is looking ratty'. He proceeded to pop the hood on my car and pull out the item in the photos. He showed me that, if he bent the cable whilst the engine was running, the engine would rock wildy and even cut out. Both of stood there laughing because neither of us have a clue what it is! There is certainly nothing written on it so I am hoping that some more in-the-know types on the board might be able to ID it. It's pretty clear that a former owner has tried to mod this car as there the remains of a Jap lighting mod are left in the car (that's the thing you can see drawing power with the fuse on it in one of the pics). Massive thanks to anyone who can tell me wtf this thing is! It looks like a serial cable (?) that plugs into it, but the other end disappears off to the engine and out of sight. Thanks
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums kinBungalowed :)