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    Will get pictures once i put car back together. having electrical issues so is stripped down whilst i trace wiring and try find pin outs. The joys of cars
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    Not sure what the additional stuff was i just selected create new post. Cheers for the welcome
  3. Hi, I have recently had a leak coming into passenger footwell through pollen filter which i have sorted however i have had a couple of electrical issues appear since. 1st issue is airbag warning light flashing code 42 which indicates issue with front crash sensor so dropped radiator and cleaned up connectors to no joy. cleaned seat connectors just to be sure they were not an issues but problem remains. 2nd issue is battery light coming on so looks like issue with smart charge system. I have tested and confirmed 13.8 volts from alternator with 3 pin connector unplugged and no visible damage to any of the wiring i traced back. I have discovered that the primary connector at bottom of passenger side a pillar was wet so has been dried however i would like to confirm if the airbag sensors and smart charge would both pass through this connector ? If this is the case can any one please advise where i can find a wiring diagram and pin outs for this connector so i know which pins to concentrate on ? Cheers again Neil
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    Hi, I have been driving a 2004 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Edge for last few years and figured it was about time i joined up. Cheers Neil
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums neilc9999 :)