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  1. Resolved - although the part numbers for the screen were the same - apart from the last letter - the replacement screen was apparently from a car with sat nav and when it was replaced with a screen from a non sat nav car everything worked. I would like to thank staff at scb-vehicledismantlers (on eBay) based at Newbridge near Edinburgh who not only sourced a replacement screen but were also able to confirm that the screen would work with my Fiesta.
  2. I have a 2018 Fiesta with Sync 2.5. I fitted a rear camera which worked well. A few weeks later I had a problem with the heater and removed the screen to check that there were no disconnected wires etc and in the process broke the connector on the screen which was then black when reconnected. I then replaced the screen (K1BT-18B955-FC) with another (K1BT-18B955-FD) but I still have a black screen and only the radio works. I tried a soft reset, removing the fuse for a few minutes and leaving the car locked for a few hours but still a black screen. I have run FORScan and get no errors. I also tried resetting the ACM but nothing. Any suggestions or advice on what else I can try.
  3. Thank you for your quick response WILCO. I have an FCDIM (BM5T-18B955-CG), APIM (E1BT-14D212-FE), ACM (BM5T-18C815-XJ) and FCIM (non sat nav version). I also have the plugs for each although these only have a few inches of wire. I can also probably get an Ardunio with CANbus through eBay. What I lack however is the information about how all these might be wired up and, as you highlight, the software code that simulates the Focus MK3 canbus communication. Hopefully though there are some enthusiasts on this site who can help.
  4. I have a Sony Sync 1.1 Stereo that I removed from a 2013 ST. I would like to setup a bench test system to test and experiment with the system but quite frankly don’t know where to start. Can anyone provide guidance about the wiring and parts needed to setup a bench test system?
  5. If you are doing any changes with FORScan you are best to have a charger connected to your battery.
  6. Check out this topic for details on how to fit an after market camera when you have reversing sensors and grey plug.
  7. 1 - Where do I connect the black and red loose wires from the camera (that the guy shows in the video)? The black wire is negative - I attached this to a bolt holding the rear wiper. (Before doing so I used a volt meter to confirm that it had - 12 volts) The red wire is for power - I soldered this to the positive supply for the rear wiper. (As with the black wire I checked to confirm a + 12 volts with ignition on) 2 - Where do I connect both red loose wires from both ends of the yellow cable? Not used if you follow above suggestions for camera power connections. Only used if you want to supply power from somewhere in the dash. The yellow plug simply goes from the connector in rear of the sync unit to the yellow connector for the camera. Threading it from the front to the rear of the car will be fun! So it might be an idea to set everything up and test that it is working before that step. 3 - This part confuses me. When all is connected, how does SYNC 3 knows that it has to display the image from the camera when you put on reverse? You need access to FORScan and an OBD adapter to activate the camera in the Sync 3 APIM. You can download FORScan from the website and once you have a user name get a free license that gives you access to the settings to change. The website has plenty of guidance on how to use the programme and information about how to apply for a license. It is essential that you do a copy of any settings before making a change - this should allow you to restore a module if you make a mistake. In FORScan you load the APIM asbuilt module and after saving a copy of the settings, as outlined earlier in this thread, change 7D0-01-01 xxxx-xxxx-xx to-xBxx-xxxx-xx don’t change the other x readings and don’t worry about the last two as these are a checksum that FORScan will automatically correct. After you write this change you should be able to use your reverse camera. Hope above makes sense if not pm me with any questions.
  8. Nothing in life is guaranteed!! I also considered fitting an oem camera and wiring but the cost from Ford was significant and I couldn’t find what was needed on eBay so I went down the aftermarket route and now have a reverse camera albeit without the moving guide lines. If you follow the guidance in this topic then it should work. You will however need to have, or have access to FORScan to programme the apim.
  9. Quick point - the RCA that comes with the camera has a red power wire - this is not the video+ wire the video+ is connected to the centre pin of the rca plug
  10. Do you have reversing sensors? If so fitting a reverse camera is straight forward although it does involve removing the panel on the boot. There are videos on you tube that show how to do this. It is then a case of threading the camera wire from the boot and down the rear panel to connect with the grey socket. When I fitted the camera I did not have a plug to go into the grey socket I simply spliced the wires from the camera into the green and blue wires on the grey socket - as outlined in an earlier post the video + to blue and video - to green. The camera was powered with a connection to the rear wiper motor and the negative was attached to a bolt on the rear hatch. The camera used was bought on ebay - see link - and matched original which was not easy to remove. Before actually fitting the camera I made all the connections and activated using FORScan - see earlier post for settings - to make sure everything worked. Hope this makes sense. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Direct-Fit-Rear-View-Reversing-RCA-Reverse-Camera-For-Ford-Focus-Mk3-2015-2018-/173899104972
  11. Check the article ‘Reversing Camera in Sync 3’ for more information. This includes some pictures of the plug and on page 7 my picture of the rear of the plug which shows the connections. In essence however if you have the grey plug with six connections and a Sync 3 system then the install is very straightforward. All I needed to do was connect the rear view camera video output to pins 4 and 5 and, to power the camera a positive feed to the rear wiper and negative to an bolt on the wiper.
  12. It is 2018 with Sync 3 I simply haven’t updated my profile. I changed 7D0-01-01 from 0968-65DA-90 to 0B68-65DA-90 (the last 2 digits xxxx-xxxx-xxXX are simply a checksum so do not need to be changed when using FORScan). The reversing camera and rear sensors both now work. The rear sensors need to have the engine running to work. When initially tested I only had the ignition on. I believe the change in 7D0-01-01 is the same for Sync 2. If you have the same grey plug in the driver’s side of the boot this makes the fitting of a rear camera so much easier.
  13. Sorry quick correction blue wire video+ and green wire video-
  14. For anyone considering this modification attached is a picture of the 6 pin grey plug found under the small cover in the right hand side of the boot. My connections were video+ to the blue wire and video- to the green wire.
  15. I have followed this topic with interest and decided to check if I could get a reverse camera working on my 2018 Focus ST which has reverse sensors. I found the grey plug mentioned previously. Connected wires from a camera to pin 4 (video +) and pin 5 ( video -) and, to test if it would work, a separate 12v power supply for the camera. I then, using FORScan opened the Sync 3 apim changed 7D0-01-01 0968-65DA-90 to 0B68-65DA-90 and when I selected reverse I had a working camera. However I lost the reverse sensor. I have reverted back to only sensors but will be fitting a reverse camera once I find the FORScan settings to have both reverse camera and sensors. Does anyone know which settings need to be changed?
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