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  1. Mondeo Titanium X Sport Build Thread!

    thanks, thats the first job on my estate,i was going to try with a hair drier !!!!!, to soften the sticky stuff but tar remover it is. pete
  2. Mondeo Titanium X Sport Build Thread!

    car looks great, how did you take the badges of the rear, i like that look !! pete
  3. Picked Up New (To Me) Car Today

    ta, yeah it was a lucky find really, we saw it before it was prepared and on the forecourt, cabin filters changed every 6mths, the only slight niggle being we have the user handbook for a mk4, and no radio manual or code, sevice book is correct. the dealer told me they were the books that it came in with. pete
  4. well we picked up our 07 titanium x estate today, first diesel we've had !!, what a car loads of torque, loads of equipment, a little blip with the user manual that i can sort via e-bay. tried a few of the toys, voice control was a suprise!!, heated seats, don't know how we've managed without them !. i've done an etis check, and found we've even got heated washer jets !!!. the previous owner,who is very local to me, has made a seperate log of oil changes, filters etc and seems to have changed them every 5k miles. the car has only covered 80k miles (confirmed via vosa & hpi), and is probably the best car we've owned. i have one question (for now), how do i find out if this car has a dpf !, i couldn't see anything on the etis sheet !. pete
  5. Another Central Locking Problem :(

    it's great when you get a prob fixed at no cost, well done pete
  6. Owners Hand Book

    hi.it's the last of the old shape on a 07 plate, with a sony cd radio, how would i find the code for the radio!!!, i'm having a tow bar fitted and don't have the code. everything else about the car it great. i'll attempt to put some pics on !! pete
  7. Owners Hand Book

    ok guy, i've picked up my mondeo estate titanium x today, every thing's great, except i've got the handbook for a mk4, mine was reg'd 05/07. and no audio guide, the garage i got the car from has said that was the pack that came in with the car, the service book is correct. do any of you guys know what handbook/audio guide i need, ie would one from a 2004 mondeo be the same, or am i way out. hope this makes sense, thanks in advance. pete
  8. Mondeo Titanium X Review?

    i've just bought a titaniux x 2.0 130 diesel estate,plenty of space, very comfy, and a huge spec. plenty of torque. pick it up on 27th,only downside for me is the space saver spare wheel as we tow, but that will soon be solved via ebay. pete
  9. Front Fog Lights

    thanks guy's i just wondered if there was aftermarket grill type trim. pete
  10. Front Fog Lights

    hi guy's, i've just bought a 2007 titanium x estate, before i pick it up next week the garage is replacing both front fogs as they are smashed, is there a "grill" kit i can fit, or are there any tips to stop them getting smashed again. pete
  11. Hi From Leicestershire

    hi guys, new to this forum today. just bought a 2007 (07) titanium x estate 130bhp,pick it up next week. pete
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums caretakerpete :)