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  1. Transponder chip

    Just a quick bit of advice, seeing as you now only have one working key you will have to get the replacement chip programmed through the OBDII port, so i would look round for someone that can do it for you
  2. Focus 2002 Key Fob Question

    The chip looks like this and can be found in a rubber sleeve in the bottom half of the key next to where the battery sits, and needs to be inserted with the coil facing out from the rubber sleeve
  3. Programming A New Immobiliser Transponder

    Ford used two types of glass transponder, the ID4C and the ID4D, on the early models, the 4C was denoted by a red dot on top of the none-remote key, while the 4D had a blue dot on top of it, they then changed them once again to an ID4C-64 carbon chip for the more recent models. It may be that you have the wrong chip in the key and that's why it's not programming
  4. 10 Reasons Why We Prefer To Drive Manual Cars (Video)

    Taught my first wife on both auto and manual, told her she was taking her test on the manual so she could drive either, best days work I ever did, got me out of going shopping with her
  5. Funny Ebay Listings

    I wouldn't kick her outta bed in a morning, unless she was going to make the coffee
  6. Need Central Locking Disconnecting - Help!

    There should be a fuse you can remove that'll disable it, i'm not sure which one it is though, you may have to go through them in sequence to find it
  7. Clutch And Fuel Neck Severe Rust Problems.

    The KA has an integrated release bearing and slave cylinder, however from what I can see the connections for the slave cylinder should be on the outside of the gearbox, in which case gearbox removal shouldn't be necessary, I'll know more tomorrow in daylight when I've checked my daughters KA
  8. Ka Troubles

    Had the same problem as you have with my daughters KA, Lack of power, engine management light was on and it sounded like a bucket of bolts. It all turned out to be a broken spark plug, 4 new plugs later and a quick run round the block, out went the EML, and more power then her brothers new Astra 1.2, (Come on even a mini has more power then a 1.2 Astra)
  9. Some years ago I drove a cavalier (Don't shoot, it was a company car), with the sports option on the auto box, and it made no difference switching between modes whist moving, and my Mk2 mondeo auto I had never gave me any trouble when switching modes either, However i'm not 100% certain with the later models, so I would check first
  10. Ford Fiesta Style Keys?

    It sounds about right knowing frauds, I know you used to get 1 standard key and 1 of the 3 button remote keys before they brought in the flip key style, so I assume they just replaced the three button remote key with the flip one. The standard key is supposed to be for emergency only, just in case you misplace the remote key, which to be perfectly honest is **** all use if you have more than one driver that uses the car. I would try to negotiate a second remote key of either style or a separate remote to go with the standard key with the dealer if you can. These also work with most ford remote central locking systems
  11. Converting 12V Socket To Ignition Live

    Personally I left mine alone and fitted one of these Which I wired to the back of the radio 12v ign feed, it gives me the option of using both my dash cam and sat nav at the same time, and my phone charger can also be plugged into the oem socket should I not need it to light a smoke with while i'm driving. you can find them here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marine-12V-Underdash-Dual-Power-Sockets-with-covers-NEW-/251345265098?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_BoatEquipment_Accessories_SM&hash=item3a855861ca
  12. You Can't Fix Stupid!!!!

    Hopefully it knocked some sense into him, but I doubt it
  13. New Key?

    I'm assuming your key looks something like this If so then all you need is to get a replacement from ebay, then change over the blade and transponder chip from your key to the replacement, once thats done the new fob will need syncing to the central locking by turning the ignition from 0 to 2, four times in six seconds finishing on 0, when you hear the beep just press any button on the remote, then turn the key back to 2 and back off, and it should be done Have a look here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-MONDEO-FOCUS-FIESTA-PUMA-COUGAR-KA-REMOTE-KEY-FOB-3-button-fob-/321227727487?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Safety_Security&hash=item4acaaa227f
  14. Ever Sucked In A Bird?

    Did the same on the M4 going to Glasgow one evening with a 7.5 tonne ford cargo, the bird had 'Ford' imprinted on it's rear end from the light on top of the cab.
  15. Dash Cam/12V Socket

    As others have done, I've wired a separate double socket, (From ebay), through the ignition for my dash cam and phone charger, and being a smoker it saves the factory unit for lighting up whilst i'm driving