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  1. Hi guys just wondering if you can tell me which are the best brands to buy. I have a 1.25 Ford Fiesta Edge 2010 plate. I've been told not to buy Eicher brands. Any suggestions? Many thanks.
  2. Hi Clive thanks for replying I think they are the brakes and yes they are the correct brakes and I don't know anything about cars to be honest and I don't know what axle bearings are
  3. Hi everyone I have a Ford Fiesta 1.25 Edge 2010 plate and I have a huge problem with my brakes and I just can't figure it out. My brakes are grinding really loud when braking when coming to a stop from of the motorway. When they grind the whole of the front of the car vibrates dramatically so does the steering wheel and brake pedal. I have removed the 2 front wheels and the brakes look fine to me. They don't have any grind marks on the disks and they are pretty much new disks. I've also checked for grit and dirt but can't see any. I have also had ford to look at them about 3 times now and they just keep saying there's nothing wrong with them. It is really frustrating me because I know there is! Also they grind when stopping at low speeds but not as dramatically and loud and the car doesn't vibrate when stopping at low speeds. If you guys can help me solve this issue it would be much appreciated thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Dave-Harris :)