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  1. Mondeo Mk3 1.8 Burning Oil

    Did you resolve this? Mine`s behaving the same.
  2. Hi. I have a 2001 1.8 Duratec HE mk3 Zetec Mondeo that needs an engine swap. What advice can you give? What engine codes do I need to look out for? Can a 2.0L be straight swapped for my 1.8L ? Cheers Ian Edwards
  3. Hi. Just popped the bonnet on my car, and noticed, on the right side of the engine (passenger side), under where the airbox sits, I have a small pool of oil sitting on a casing. Not sure what it is. Have taken some photos. Hope they can help? Lost some coolant aswell. Engine has a compression test, and nothing abnormal showed up. Sorry this is vague. Hope this can be of some use? Eddie
  4. Mk3 1.8 Zetec Engine In Need Of Tlc

    I will try the down hill suggestion. Not seen that before. Are you talking of engine braking, and then floor it?
  5. Hi. my 132000mile mk3 1.8 Zetec petrol is in need of help. Its burning a fair bit of oil, and last week the engine management light came on with 3 codes. PO173 PO325 PO400 I took it to a local garage, who told me the loss of oil was partly due to Cam Cover gasket leaking, but didnt change it, as he said engine is worn out, and probably needs a replacement transplanted. I asked him if he did a compression test, and he said no. I`ve been doing some digging, and found that if car has been running with thermostat stuck open, for a considerable amount of time, which it had from previous owner, that its possible the crankcase breathers are blocked. Am I clutching at straws? Cheers Ian Edwards
  6. Hi. Mine`s in need of replacing. Can anyone recommend someone who`s trust worthy, and does a fitting service? Many thanks
  7. Thanks. Thats something I can try. Cheers
  8. Many thanks for your reply. Will swopping the wheels front to back help me?
  9. Hi. I have a Mondeo Mk3 Zetec 1.8 (2001) with 131,000 miles on clock, and having a problem. When I first bought this car, I had all wheel bearings apart from the front passenger side replaced, as I was gettting a bad humming sound. It sounds a lot better now, and up to 35mph I dont have any issues that I`m aware of, but as I get to 40mph, I get a humming sound that is hard to locate. When reaching around 50mph, the sound isn`t as obvious. Holding the clutch in does not affect this sound. I am also loosing oil and water. The thermostat was replaced recently. I don`t seem to be leaving white smoke behind me, and I don`t have pools of oil on my drive. Can anyone shed any light on this? Many thanks. Eddie
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Eddie777 :)