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  1. guys thanks for your fun comments but lets be serious i cannot hear the click of the compresser coming on so gonna assume a fuse or another problem
  2. ian he has done the dye thats how he diagnosed the seal leak but after fixing the seal i believe on the compressor i think there was no leaks
  3. had the car two weeks and was working fine then last week it stopped working took to a garage friend of mine who diagnosed the seal had gone and fixed and re gassed was great air con then Sunday it failed again and just hot air any help appreciated please
  4. Well after taking a 4 year hiatus away from a ford vehicle ive decided to return to what i know and love so im back in a 1.6 ford focus navigator Tdci 71.000 miles full service history in silver (see pics ) so glad to be back in a ford got loads of ideas but as a family man i must be subtle.
  5. Happy Birthday dave37!

  6. i got it from a dealer who just sells whats on his forecourt and provides a third party finance not like a ford dealer where as its all in one
  7. yellow like ring with a exclamation mark inside it
  8. it is being a bit hesitant when driving at high speeds and the other day on the m4 it just died and a warning light came up a yellow light with a symbol in it so i pulled over and left it 2 minutes then restarted the car for which it started then carried on home but along the way just keep feeling like it was gonna stall just juddering every so often any ideas as just bought this on finance and still got two months warrenty but dont wanna have to drive back to stoke to get it repaired wanna get it done locally
  9. hi im dave a facilites assistant for a wealth maangement company in bracknell and well after originally being on here with a 1.3 x reg fiesta i upgarded to a focus and now going back to a fieasta but its a 1.4 tdci climate on a 57plate and cant wait to start saving money on the fuel and huge saving on the road tax £30 fo the year beats paying the £123.75 i do now
  10. how many miles to a tank do u get and roughly how much to fill it up please mate
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