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  1. hi i have a 1.8 petrol 57 plate focus i am having trouble with the coolant system.i have water which is coming back out of the expansion tank filling cap the water level will be fine when cold but once it is warmed up the water rises out of the tank but thd temprature gauge stays at 12 oclock then when i let it cool down i yave to refill the coolant thanks
  2. okay thanks very much appreciated ill check it out tomorow when the weather is not as bad
  3. it looks like a 10mm hose/pipe would fit in it.
  4. i tried to mate but i have been back there and they no longer operate and the mobile number is constantly turned off
  5. hi i have a part left over from a engine build mycar was in a garage and wanted stupid prices for parts so i got my car back i have had it rebuilt but got this over any ideas would be greatly thankful
  6. hi i have a ford focus 1.8 duratec he on a 57 plate i was just wondering is there a specific way the tappet buckets are fitted as the garage i took my car to had already removed them and also does the conrod need a torque setting to go on the shft thanks
  7. hi sorry about all the questions i was just wondering is it possible to remove the crankshaft and drop the pistobs out the bottom of the block or could i just undo thr pistons from the shaft and take them out through the top many thanks
  8. thank you i have new bolts to go in. Im going to attempt to change the piston rings tomorow then i can put the head back on
  9. sure can thanks for the help
  10. hi i have a ford focus 1.8 petrol on a 57 plate just wondering does anyone know or where i can find the torque requirements for the head bolts thanks
  11. the tops of the pistons look fine but knowing my luck they wont lol do you know if they need honeing cab it be done at a garage or have tk be sent away and thanks for the help
  12. ye lol its only in the 1st cylinder im getting halve the compression but might aswell do them all when there off
  13. okie thank you also do you know if i can just take the conrod out and replace the seals i have already stripped down the top as i had two bent exhaust valves thanks
  14. hi im after some help i have a 57 plate focus 1.8 petrol it is burning oil. i did a comprsssion test and all was fine apart from the cylinder 1 which when i did the test was 90 and the rest 180 i have bben told buh the garage it was the piston rings just wondering if it was would you still get compression juaf a bit curious as the garage i took my car to heavly overpriced the car parts thanks