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  1. Timing Belt Replacement A Bit Paranoid.

    To be honest I got the bolt off by using the breaker bar method as it was seized on. To get the bolt back on I'll admit I did use the locking pin to tighten it using a torque wrench. I've got it all back together now and everything seems fine but I will get the flywheel locking tool for next time, it would've made things easier.
  2. Timing Belt Replacement A Bit Paranoid.

    Yeah I've got the cam locking tool and crankshaft locking pin. I also double checked the crankshaft by using a screwdriver in cylinder 1 to check TDC. Was just a bit confused on the tensioner as the haynes only mentions manual tensioners so thought it best to check.
  3. Im currently replacing my first timing belt and tensioner on my mk1 focus and just double checking I've got it right. Its an INA kit from ECP and the tensioner has an allen key type pin which holds the tension back when fitting and tensions the belt when unpinned. My question is after I have released the pin is there a manual tension adjustment I need to make? There doesn't seem to be an adjustment hole on the tensioner and it doesn't pivot on its bracket. Also there is no note of tension adjustment on the info sheet that came with the belt kit. Its probably a simple stupid question but being the timing belt I want to make sure I get it right first time. the tensioner looks like this http://www.ebay.ie/itm/531058610-INA-Timing-Belt-Tensioner-Ford-FOCUS-C-MAX-/161455659470?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item259781d9ce.
  4. Earlier this morning someone tried to steal my mk1 focus by bending the drivers door and getting their arm in to unlock it. Luckily they failed (thank god for dead locking!) and with the help of a local body shop I have managed to bend the door back to a drive-able position. The problem is that although the weather seal touches the door it is not flush and water can get in. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I have tried a strip of electrical tape but it still lets water in and I don't want to bend the door too much and snap it. I have heard on some cars you can actually adjust the door is this the case with the focus? I would rather not have to replace the door as it is quite an old car and not really worth the money/time if there is an easier way.
  5. Mk1 Focus Central Locking Issue?

    After doing this now when I press unlock once the drivers door unlocks only, if I press unlock twice all doors unlock (im assuming its supposed to do this?) but when I press lock once it still only locks the rear passengers door and not any of the others I have to press lock twice. I will try Jeebowhite's advice later.
  6. Mk1 Focus Central Locking Issue?

    Well my problem just changed now when I press the fob once it only locks the rear left hand door and none of the others. If I press it twice all the doors lock ok so I may just accept that I have to live with the issue. As for your issue Dan do you ever get a noise whilst driving along that sounds like the locking motors are trying to lock? Mine can do that from time to time and when it does I have to manually lock the passenger front door with the key then press the central locking fob and all the doors will lock. From the amount of threads and posts on this issue I think the central locking is a common problem on the Focus.
  7. Mk1 Focus Central Locking Issue?

    Have you tried the test function to see if all the door switches are working properly? Sounds like the car thinks a door is open and that why it isn't locking. here is a link to the procedure http://www.pistonheads.com/GASSING/topic.asp?h=0&t=595724
  8. Mk1 Focus Central Locking Issue?

    It was just the one door that wouldn't lock/unlock all the others worked fine. If you have checked fuses and wiring maybe its the module for the central locking at fault on yours?
  9. Hi, I just today replaced the left hand side rear central locking motor because the old unit had failed which meant I couldn't lock/unlock the door by the fob. Since I have replaced it I have noticed another issue. My car has the double locking function and when I press lock on the fob once it locks the two front doors and the door with the new motor, however, the right hand rear door only locks if I press the fob button twice to double lock the car. Does anyone know if its supposed to be programmed like this and if it can be reprogrammed or does this mean I have two faulty motors?
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums tris123 :)