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  1. Thanks that really helps.
  2. Hi, I service my car (2005 Ford focus 1.6 Automatic) myself since last 4 years. I drive this car about 10K miles every year. Every 5000 miles * Change Engine oil and Filter * Change air filter Every 10,000 miles * Change spark Plugs Every year * Cabin pollen filter Is there anything else I'm missing or I should be doing? Any suggestions would be great. The car has done 58K miles so far. When does the cam belt or drive belt needs changing? Does it needs automatic transmission fluid and filter change at all? Many Thanks
  3. How to remove 2005 UK Ford Focus Rear Brake Drum? How to remove 2005 UK Ford Focus Rear Brake Drum? I have taken the wheels off but the drums wouldn't come off! Looked at some youtube video, but there is no hole to put a bolt in and tight the bolt to take drums out. ANyone had experience please share?
  4. I have just replaced my washer Jet with Ford Focus MK4 Mist / Spray type heated washer Jets from eBay as they are really cheap aroun £3 each. They have a special rubber gasket that stops water leak, and they are really cool as these sprays water as mist into whole windscreen and saves a lot of screenwash. Definitely worth upgrading. These are for MK4 Focus but fits really well in MK2 and MK3 as they are exactly same size etc.
  5. Hi Guys, Is there any Fuel Filter 2005 MK2 Focus 1.6 Auto Petrol? If yes then exactly where its located? Any part number please? Thanks in advance
  6. Shiplu

    Ultimate DRL

    Ultimate Daytime Running Light
  7. Really easy to take the headlights off and back cover off, just one screw and few clips. Take extra time and care if you need to remove the cable connector. Place a tower underneath the headlight when pushing back the clips of back cover during refitting.
  8. I have MK2 Focus and have HID all round. Black ST Xenon Headlights fitted, however they have D1S bulbs, so I bought 6000K D1S bulbs from ebay and matched the same 6000K H8 for fog light. You need to open the back cover of your headlight and check if they are D1S or D2S, and then you can order them from eBay as they are really cheap in eBay, Factory bulbs are not 6000K, they are 4300K and that's why the colour doesn't match. Search in google image for D1S and D2S and you will see the difference between D1S and D2S. Once you are sure, you can order the correct one.
  9. I have same problem with my Focus MK2 1.6 I had to take off rocker cover, then strip off all rust and painted with Engine Paint to prevent further rusting. Also replaced the rocker cover gasket. BTW, when I took off rocker cover, few middle bolts snapped off because of rust. But its fine without these bolts as long as you have new gasket. Also created a DIY engine cover from fire resistant plastic as water leaks from windscreen washer jet goes directly to spark plug hole. See attached files
  10. You can find em in eBay, search for LEDayline These are universal not MK2 specific, you have to cut the front bumper and fix it from inside, not that hard, fairly easy as long as you have a drill and jigsaw. However it is hard to find a positive wire that come on with ignition and goes off when ignition is off, there is a point in engine compartment fuse box, you have to find it with multimeter.
  11. I have fitted genuine Hella Ledayline DRL in my focus, they looks really cool, extremely bright even in very bright sunlight. They have option to dim to 30% brightness when sidelights comes on. Otherwise you can't leave them on full brightness at night as oncoming traffic will go mad and almost everyone will flash at you. I had that experience the first day i fitted it without connecting the dim cable to sidelight :D They are really easy to fit, but the only downside is very expensive, but worth every single penny of it.... Also have a second DRL (see picture) cheap ones from Ebay ... fitted in 45 degree angle. Replaced the headlights with genuine Ford Xenon headlights with 6000K D1S bulbs and also fitted 6000K xenon in Fog lights.
  12. Hi Guys, I'm trying to find out the cause of grinding noise that comes from engine bay while I turn on Aircon on my 2005 ford focus MK2 1.6 auto Zetec climate. Aircon works fine. Howevere I can hear the grinding noise from inside the car and the noise increases and decreases with the engine rev and speed, any idea what could be the cause of the issue? Could it be the AC clutch? If yes how can I replace it? Could it be a bad bearing as the noise is grinding noise like this one below Thanks in advance!
  13. What is core plugs between the spark plugs? I think there is something between two plugs on each side and looks really rusty and have more water on it.
  14. Ya i know about the water jet issue and i have made a DIY engine cover, but its not the washer jet leak, its pink coolant that worries me!
  15. Hi Guys, Any idea from where Pink Coolant is very slowly Leaking and filling up spark plug hole in 2005 1.6 Ford Focus Zetec Climate Auto? Could it be rocker (valve) cover gasket? Or something elese? This is causing rust in cylinder head where spark plug fits. Ccan it lead to a serious problem?