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  1. Thanks for you reply, I'll try moving the thread. The Haynes manual does list the fuel cap process but states that it will only work if the MIL or PCL light is not already illuminated. It didn't work for me unfortunately. I did wonder if tricking the system into thinking I'd fuelled up a few times would sort of prime the system.
  2. Hello all, I'm in the UK and have an 07 Focus 1.6 TDCi that displayed an "engine systems error" on the dash with accompanying red light. I plugged in a Torque OBD2 reader and it said there was a P2585 "Fuel Additive Control Module Warning Lamp Request" A Google told me that my DPF has additive squirted into the diesel on every fill up and that this code means the fluid has run out. I bought some on eBay and filled the tank as per the Haynes manual. Unfortunately I can't clear the code with the Torque OBD2 reader. The Haynes manual (Section 20) says that if the MIL or PCL light are on then the system can only be reset by a Ford dealer. Now Ford want £50 and possibly £86/hour labour on top to clear the code. Can anybody tell me how to clear the code myself? Many thanks, Laurence
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums lrochfort :)