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  1. Parameters In Ids For Usb Upgrade Mk7

    Can please someone confirm my theory? The one module on eBay will be gone tomorrow... Thank you, greetings! MetalHead
  2. Parameters In Ids For Usb Upgrade Mk7

    Hy there :) Yeah, i found that one as well, but it is in french. English would be no problem for me, but i really can't no french ;) Or wait, would be the system language on the display still be german, or would it change to french? I really don't ever use the speech control, so if only that would be french, it wouldn't be a problem for me.
  3. Parameters In Ids For Usb Upgrade Mk7

    Thank you for your fast response! :) I already checked Ebay, but besides the fact, that i ALWAYS had bad luck with buying something there, i only found one module and that was neither english nor german. But I'll keep my eyes open, 400€ is really quite expensive.
  4. Parameters In Ids For Usb Upgrade Mk7

    Hy there! I am just about to get this project started and i just wanted to make sure i got everything together. I can order the module from my Ford dealer (for 400€, i'm from Germany) but he is unsure about the IDS part... So, do you really only have to change the three parameters from above? Everything else is just switch the modules and that's it? Thank you for your help! :) Greetings from Germany!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums MetalHeadGER :)